Weekend buggin' report (two lakes today)


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Left at noon for Lake 16, cloudy warm day might be good. Got a hit from a dink right off the get go not too far from the launch. Hoping I was on for a good day fished all around the lake and had one more dink hit. Talked to a couple who were going around the lake from the other direction using gear and throwing senko's, they actually were doing worse than I was. I gave it up around 4 got tired of the wind. Later in the evening took off for Clear lake. That was dead when I started and didn't get any better. Slow day. Friggn' bass, just not in the mood.


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I was at 16 early yesterday morning and got 2 1+ pounders using a popper. I fished almost the entire shore line of the lake. Still very slow. Water temps are around 62 degrees. Things should be picking up.

I must have left just before you showed up.