Westside CR Lake Report

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Hit my favorite CR lake on the 4th. Leaving Belfair the weather was iffy at best but Johnny and I decided to go anyway. Got onto the water about 10ish to sunny skies with big fluffy clouds going by. We trolled half way down the lake with increasing winds (almost whitecaps) and only one small fish to hand. I was dragging a damsel nymph and John a green leach. With the winds increasing we decide to go all the way to the end of the lake and if it got too windy we could just coast back to the launch area. By the time we got to the end of the lake the wind started to die down enough to punch a 30 foot cast into it. A few fish started rising to the few damsel adults that were out. John said "I'm going dry" and tied on a damsel and caught two fish on three casts. Of course I followed his lead and for the next
2 1/2 to 3 hours it was fish on. The damsel hatch was sparse at best but the fish were keyed into them like crazy. We had numerous doubles and eventually we wouldn't set the trigger on the smaller fish. Average size was 14 to 17 inches and boy do those wild fish fight! John caught a good number of his fish subsurface.... when the damsel adult would sink he would hand twist the fly in, resulting in many, many, hook ups. I caught my biggest fish (17") doing this. I'll quit bitching about no good dry action, for at least a week, after this trip. David


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Sounds like you had a wonderful time on a usually challenging lake. I was fishing lakes on Lopez and Orcas Islands over the holiday and their damsels have only just begun to emerge. Normally, the damsel hatch is well underway, but everything is out of sync.


Go Fish

Language, its a virus
Steve, having fished this lake since 89 (I first fished it as a kid back in 67 when the resort was there) it was one of those days I won't ever forget. David


What do you use for a dry damsel? I was up north for the weekend fishing the T. and some smaller lakes around there, the damselw were thick on the water...I tried my damsel nymphs but no love...forgot my damn reel for my lake rod so no clear intermediate line ... switched over to chronies and did double digits but still, they had to be keying in on the damsels, which by the way were eating the chronies as they tried to hatch, pretty cool to watch...