Lost on the Cedar!

Tim Allen

Tim the Toolman
Hello all, I was fishing late Saturday night with some newbie friends, and one had a tangle just at dark. I tucked my rod under my arm, and while untangling her line, lost the grip on the rod and into the Cedar is went. It was getting too dark (best time to fish the Cedar though) to see it float away so I couldn't chase it down. bawling: We were downstream of the first bridge below Landsberg.

I know there's not much of a chance, but if you happen to find or snag my rod, please drop me a line. It was a 3 weight Cabela's Three Forks combo. I know, not much money, but it was a sweet 3 weight.

Thanks in advance! :thumb: Tim the Toolman


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I second Richard's advice. I had my Sage 5wt. rod drift away while photographing a nice rainbow on the Yak several falls ago. [Brain freeze at the end of a loooong day.] I walked up and down the run in the fading light, but couldn't find it. I drove back to Olympia, grabbed my dry suit, mask, and fins and searched the run downstream of where I lost it for 45 minutes the next morning. Finally, while drifting down along the bank and overhanging branches, I saw a flash of gray, my fly line. There was the rod, intact, with just a few scratches. It had drifted into this slower section along the bank, rather than zipping down into the next rapid which would have chewed it up. I think that its worth a shot.


Greg Price

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Sorry to hear of that. I was fishing way downstream of you (near the ballpark/golf course) at the same time.

Let us know if you float the river and if you find your gear.
I have a similar story with a miracle ending. A couple years back I was fishing on the Cedar with a buddy back behind the soccer fields. There was at that time a big log jam with a huge pool. My buddy was fishing up stream of the pool. Well he slipped and fell in. He dropped his rod in and the current carried it into the darkness of the pool. To make a long story short, I zipped home to grab two spinning rods with a big jig on the end. On my second cast into the darkness I realize I had hooked something and low and behold I hooked his fly line. Next came his rod! He was very excited and we did the happy dance. (That also saved him about $500!!)

Tim Allen

Tim the Toolman
Thanks very much for the commisuration, great advice, success stories and for moving my post to the Lost and Found Forum (I never noticed there was a lost and found forum).

I've thought about getting a wet or dry suit and mask to explore the section of the Cedar by my house. I may stil do that, but for now that would cost way more than my Cabela's special. I started building a rod with my fly fishing club (OFFC) last night, but they didn't have any 3 weight blanks. Oh well..... thanks again all! Tim the Toolman:beer2:
That's a huge bummer. Good luck getting it back. Last year a board member posted that a friend of his had lost a rod overboard while fishing the Yak. Two days later my wife and I were fishing the Yak and to our amazement my wife hooked a fly line and proceeded to reel in that lost rod. Needless to say the owner was very excited when we contacted him. There is hope. Let us know how it goes.

Ed Call

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Tim, you back to fishing or are you still without a rod? Just wondering, if you are still unable to fish, shoot me a PM.