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A few months back I was searching the internet regarding a little Italian town that I was going to for a wedding, and came upon this forum and a trip report by DBK about fishing in Cerreto di Spoleto - the town I was looking up. Inspired by his report, I decided to bring my gear along and try to sneak out and do some fishing myself. Later, when my girlfriend couldn't make the trip, I decided to not only fish DBK's creek, but to go to Slovenia and fish there too. Here's my report. Also, thanks to DBK for all the great advice.

After the wedding, I stayed a couple days and fished there in Cerreto di Spoleto. It was all just as DBK described, nice little stream, great food at the little inn there. I caught several browns each outing, morning and evening. DBK described it all well in his "Day on an Italian Spring Creek" post, and I don't have anything to add, so I won't go into it anymore.

The next day I rented a car and headed to Slovenia. Man, was it nice. I highly recommend the place. Beautiful countryside, great fishing, but above all, really nice people. I mean incredibly nice. I met a really cool local fisherman the third day and ended up fishing with him for rest of my time there (5 more days).

The fishing: the Soca river is the main river in the area I went to, the western part of the country (the country is tiny though, so none of the other rivers are far away). It is beautiful, an incredible turquoise color. It was still too high from spring runoff to fish, though. I fished the Idrijca, Trebusca, and Baci. There were stocked rainbows, some very big, and a lot of them seemed to be holdovers - brightly colored, strong. There were also marble trout, browns, brown/marble hybrids, and supposedly grayling, though I didn't see any.

Don't know if you know about marble trout. I'd never heard of them until a couple months before I went on this trip. They were sort of the reason I decided to go to Slovenia - apparently that's the only place left where they live. I didn't manage to catch one (I caught a brown/marble hybrid -- in one of the attached pics (if I did it right)) but I was with the local fisherman when he caught a 24 incher (pictured). These things get huge, and when he was playing the 24 incher, two giant ones, they must have been 40 inches, were chasing his fish around like sharks.

Apparenty there are good hatches later in the season, but it was sporadic while I was there in early to mid May. I Encountered one nice evening hatch, but my local pal didn't seem interested in it (not sure why, but he didn't speak English, and I didn't want to argue with him in sign language. BTW, almost everyone there, especially under the age of 30 or so, does speak English well), so didn't get to fish it well. We mostly fished large streamers for marbles in the Idrijca very early in the morning and late in the evening, and nymphs and small streamers in the Trebusca and Baci during the day. We caught some big rainbows in the Idrijca (a few over 24 inches - pictured), and nice browns and rainbows in all three rivers.

The price for fishing is a little steep: 50 euros a day for all the places I mentioned. A little more or less in other areas. Everything else is really cheap, though. There are private apartments everywhere. The one I stayed in was 15 euros a night. There are little bars and/or bar resturants everywhere, even along the rivers (make for nice breaks). Slovenian food, beer and wine are really good, and cheap.

Like I said, I highly recommend going there. If anyone decides to go, I'd be happy to give you more specific advice, just PM me.


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That's one way to find un-crowded rivers to fish, just head for Italy! Great pics, and report. That Rainbow is verrrrry nice!

How did you pack your rod? Did you bring it as a carry-on? I haven't tried flying yet with my gear since 9/11, because of that, but I've seen others being pestered by security and most likely had to check the rods in. I didn't stick around to see what the end results were for the few I've seen. I would hate to check a rod in because you most likely can consider the rod "lost" by the time you reach your destination.
That is so cool, thanks for posting a report!

Algis, I pretty much always take my rod on with me on the plane. No issues. I have even got on multiple flights carrying a 2 piece (although one time they made me store it in the front closet of the plane).
I'd heard that European airlines are more strict than domestic ones about bringing rods and gear on board, so I stashed my rod and gear in my checked luggage. I was a bit worried about it, but luckily, nothing was damaged or "lost."

On the subject, I'm going out west (Montana/Wyoming/Idaho, around Yellowstone) shortly and plan to carry on my 4-piece rods and gear. From what Diehard said, should be no problem. Anyone had any trouble carrying on 4-piece rods or reels domestically? I'll be flying United Air.

Also, it will be my first time out to the Rockies (sad, but true). If anyone has any suggestions about good areas to go to this time of year (September 2-13) I would appeciate hearing them. I'm keeping my itinerary very flexible and hoping to go where the fishing takes me. Would love to find some waters off the beaten track, or at least away from the crowds.




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I have flown about 10 times with an aluminum rod tube since 9/11. Never had a problem. I even asked the security guys about it the first time because I figured they would make me check it, but once they found out it was aluminum, they had no problem with it (surprised me - does that mean I can bring a baseball bat as long as it is aluminum?). I sometimes get looks from fellow passengers, but never from security.

I recently discovered that I can stash my 4-piece 6-weight inside a hanging garment bag, so now I don't even geet looks from the other passegers. I did it just a week ago when I flew to West Virginia.

I haven't tried it in Europe though...

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Nice trip, dude! I'm in Austria right now, not far from the Slovenian border, actually. I would love to fish the Soca, but I don't have time. I drove past it a few days ago, looked like some sweet water.

I have Slovenian heritage, so even driving through the country was great. Slovenia is a truely beautiful country. They are doing very well for being a former Soviet sattilite. A lot better than Hungary, that's for sure.

As for travel, I checked in my rod to avoid huge fees from Lufthansa. It arrived fine, but I did find a little note from the TSA when I got here.


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Gene, thanks for the report! Sounds like a great trip. I just flew 3 flights on Northwest from Charlotte to Minneapolis to Bozeman to Seattle and carried on a 4pc rod, reel and small pack with flyboxes (including some streamers), and assorted tools and I had no problem on any of the flights. At Charlotte, they did inspect my bag and wanted to see the 'scissors' but were satisfied when they turned out to be my forceps. However, no one discovered the small Leatherman Micro that I forgot was in the bottom of my pack.

I had all this gear in my checked bag on the way out there. However, on the way home I made a last minute decision to only have carry-on luggage hoping that I'd be able to get off in Bozeman and fish for a few days. I was a bit worried going through security with big streamers but no problem. And, thanks to some understanding, awesome Horizon ticket agents in Bozeman, I was able to stay and fish for 3 days! Plus, they only charged me $100; Northwest wanted $1100 for the layover. I fished in and around Yellowstone last weekend so let me know if you'd like a report.