Tube Tying Demo with Jack Cook

Jack Cook will be at All About the Fly on Saturday, September 13 from 1-3PM.

Jack will cover a variety of tube fly techniques, British Style, Sunrays, Half Inch and Scandinavian. You will learn how to layer a wing in colors to get the best looking flies imaginable; he will also work with furs like Arctic Fox and Temple Dog.

There may be a beer or two around...:beer1:

Matt Burke

Active Member
I know I do not have any class, but I do know that Jack has done more to enhance my fly fishing than most folks. Not just fishing and casting, but the equipment and the material for any aspect of my passion. What's great about Jack is he doesn't say a word. No big sales pitch, he lets the rod or whatever talk to you. For most folks who offer up products for our community, I only enjoy touching 10% when I see their wares. Jack's got some great stuff to offer, 90% I can actually use toward steelheading.