In search of something that doesn't exist: Alvord Cutthroat

OK GHFF, I want to go with you when you go on another trip like this ... Reminds me of my youth back in West Virginia, traipsing around in search of the elusive native brook trout ...


Sculpin Enterprises
Now that's an adventure and determination. That's a lot of hiking for such a thin trickle of water, but the coloration on those fish is so distinctive. Still, those narrow creeks can hold the occasional surprise, as you demonstrated so nicely. Thanks for putting in the miles (so we don't have to).

Very impressive effort! The text and photos are excellent but they pale in comparison to the effort you made to search for the Alvord Cutthroats. It's hard to find something that doesn't exist and most wouldn't even try, especially given the difficulty. Thanks for sharing the details!
I'm curious, have you had any communication with Dr. Behnke regarding your cutthroat adventures?
If I have your location pegged right on my map, I turned back on that same road in July of 1983 while collecting plants for my graduate research in that area. The lines on the map and the reality on the ground don't always match. Great story and what an effort.


Dana Miller
Beautiful fish! It's nice to know they exist even though I won't be making the hike to see them. However, if I could add a few more tire tracks to that dirt road.....