3rd time's the charm?


Haunted by water
I am coming out to the Monroe area for a week starting the 22nd and could use home helpful hints. I have been out to WA 2 other times with no fish to show for it. The first time we fished eastern WA in temps that seemed to fit the gobi desert, so no fish. :( The 2nd time was last Feb after no rain and so no fish. :beathead:

I was hoping to find some silvers, sea runs, trout, summer runs. Any suggestions on the rivers in the Monroe area? Sol Duc? Elwah(sp?) Pass Lake? Any other spots that this colorado flyfisher doesn't have any idea about?

Any and all help would be much appreciated!

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You may get some specific suggestions from others, but when you get here I would recommend stopping by All About The Fly (located on Main St in Monroe). They'll point you in the right direction with some good flies for the job.

Fall seems to have arrived to the PNW- temps lower than normal. Rain? Off and on, but bring your rain jacket to be safe. Enjoy your stay.
If you are interested in coming over to Whidbey Island Lone Lake is fishing really good right now with the temps dropping. Pass should be really turning on also. Let me know if you are interested, I can meet up with you on either one.


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Head over the pass and fish the Yak. It should be in perfect shape.

If you have the time to be more ambitious, head farther east to the Grande Rhonde for steelies.



Haunted by water
Good Trip! Found pinks in the Sky, saw some SRCs & silvers off Kayak Point and Picnic Point but couldn't hook up with any, had a ball on Lenice - big fish, equally big wind!, caught a couple decent trout on the Methow, and drifted the Yak with lots of fish to the boat. Hopefully that dam doesn't go up on Crab Creek as I would like to get back out to Lenice. :thumb: