4-5wt rods, reels, lines etc....

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Athur, I can ship you a fly box filled with some proven Stillwater flys,leaders and tippet material......same as above, just PM me your address and they'll be yours faster than you can say 'Fish On'! PS....don't let those other guys give you any S... about your name! That type of abuse seems to be reserved for Mumbles:rofl: PS when it's time to buy your license, make sure to get a combo[fresh/saltwater] lots of fun to be had in the salt! Your in Lynwood and would be easy to walk,bus or grab a ride to Picnic Point....should be a great year for pinks.
I have a 5wt Grigg rod that I will give to you if you will PM me with your address. It is a 2 pc backup rod that I have hardly even used, it will go great with that reel Bill is sending.:thumb:
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Chik, looks like you are getting geared up. Don't take crap, that is probably my unofficial role here, I am not thin skinned, so most of the crap does not bother me.

You've got a trout rod and reel coming, a replacement salmon/steelhead reel coming, a bunch of flies and a line. Get that license and you are hooked up. You better reward these kind folks with lots of good karma reports, photos and exciting stories of your adventures.

I hope you are friendly with your postal carrier, they will be making a lot of stops at your place in Lynnwood over the next few weeks.
Quote" ive tried fishing out at picnic point but i failes misserably...
but ill try again" Getting a chance to hike and fish along a beautiful beach on the sound...lots of people wish they were that fortunate! Not catching a fish: part of the game, but certainly not failing, failing is not trying!

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I'm way bigger than a small meduim. Too many cheeseburgers for me. Food is the only thing that shuts me up. When we fish you bring the cookies, that is repayment enough from my end. Really though Chik, just put the 8wt reel to use on some salmon/steelhead and give it a workout. When you upgrade, pass it on to someone else.

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Chik, did you say you need a pair of good wading boots? I'v got a barely worn pair of size 8 Cabela's Guide boots with your name on them. PM me your address, sit back and wait for someone to donate a pair of waders next!
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