4" hardy perfect and sage 709+spool

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sage 709+spool

Hardy post war perfect with no line guard in good shape. Brass ribbed foot. Hardy non original case. $425 sold
I will get pics to those interested and will try and post them in the next couple days.

Sage 709 (loop 3) + spool. I am relisting this reel and it is in great shape. (7,8,9wt)



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Regarding the loop, what is its history? Are you the original owner? I can't remember but someone had a loop 709 and had posted it earlier and said it had been serviced and some parts replaced due to corrosion. Same reel?

A couple of quick questions about the Hardy reel.

- Did the reel originally have a line guard?
- Is it right-hand or left-hand wind?
- What is the spool width?
- Do you know line capacities? I'm thinking about a spey reel for an 8wt. spey rod.

This perfect was made without a line guide and have heard that these are convertible to left hand wind because of this. I flipped the pawl and found that it did not work as well with its pay adjustment as a left hand reel but this may be able to be tuned. I am out of town so can not give you the exact width right now but it is a spey sized reel that would work for an 8wt.
Someone in the spey part of the forum might be able to give a capacity for you.

I am interested in the Hardy Perfect 4 reel. Is it still available? Details, please. I am out of the country until 11 October,2008. Ed
Ed, I still have the reel. Let me know what details you are looking for and I will try and ansewer them for you. I am haveing some second thought with this though.:beathead:
I thought I would run this up to the front of the line again. The hardy is sold but the sage is a great salmon/steelhead reel for a 7-9wt or a light line switch rod.
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