4 piece rods

I've got a 4 piece rod and ever so often while casting it will come apart at the ferrules. Does any body have any tips on keeping poles together, maybe a wax or something?
Here's an old trick. Right as your putting the rod together, rub the "male" part of the ferrule along the side of your nose to get some skin oil on it. Then put it together good and tight. I think the extra lubrication helps the ferrules slip together that much tighter, wtihout forcing, which can damage the "female" part.
A little trick I learned is to use some Bees wax. And a littel goes a long way. The cheapest and easiest way to get some is to buy a toilet bowl seal at the local Home store without the rubber ring (the ring can be removed if that's all they have, you just pay a little more). They sell for something between 1 or 2 dollars and it will last a lifetime. Put some in a little film can and waa-laa that sticky stuff will keep it together and also protect the graphite from rubbing together dry. Plan old wax like candle wax will also work if the rod is still fairly tight, you may want to try that first.

Most rod manufacturers and fly shops recommend using pure paraffin. If you look in the grocery stores where they keep canning supplies, you'll find a product called Gulf Wax. It is pure paraffin. About $1.00 or so will buy the box which will be enough to supply you, your family, your neighbors, everyone you know as well as everyone on this BBS for the rest of our natural lives.

The key to using paraffin is not to overdo applying it...don't create a massive buildup or you could actually put unnecessary stress on the ferrules. You may want to inspect the inside of the ferrules periodically and remove any residue being built up; maybe make this part of your annual preventive maintenance program for your gear as well.

Also, when seating the sections together, start with the guides 45-degrees apart and twist the 2 sections into alignment, then pull the top one down on the bottom one to ensure full seating.

I use this product on all my rods (2, 3 & 4 sections) and it works extremely well getting the sections fully seated and keeping them there, yet retains the ability to separate the sections at day's end.

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The above information is right on. I've heard of using electrical tape to secure the sections of rods together. It's usually handy and does to job. Some people use it on larger spey casting rods. I wouldn't want to cast the tip of an $800. rod into the Skagit River.
A tip on getting sections apart that are stuck together. I use our kitchen jar openers. You know the kind, the flexible rubber type. Works great. Practice in the street if you've no better option, but it's rough on the wallet too. I keep older lines that are already damaged to practice with. My cats love it when I tie clumps of feather and yarn together to work on my casting. They attack over and over. I call the bigger one the lunker. Now that I think about it they are probably the source of my bad lines, they'll bite it if they can. But it's funny and good practice. Have fun
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I've got an Loomis GLX 4 peice 5 wt. Like Greg says push the sections together with the ferrules offset at 45 degrees. Then push together while twisting into alignment. I'd try that before I put anything on the ferrules.Careful you don't push too hard or they will split.
I usually run the "male" end through my hair, and then put the ends together, offset at 90 degrees. Then twist into place. The small amount of oil present in hair is usually enough to lubricate the pieces so they will twist easily, yet come apart when you're done for the day.