Alder Lake Tips

Are there any fish in Alder for us Flyfishers...what I've read in here from the past doesn't look too good for me. Anyone have some advice for a visit to Alder in a couple of weeks??
Thanks in advance for your help, Marshall:confused:

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I grew up fishing Alder, Mineral, Riffe, etc. Something my Dad liked to do. I did do some flyfishing for trout on all those lakes. With Alder, I normally would fish near the town of Elbe. There was a little park there (more of a overgrown area where there were some unimproved campsites). I'd fish the shoreline near root wads, etc. Had alot of success there. We had the most luck though in a boat going deep. But I did catch quite a bit on the banks.
Personally I'd skip Alder and go straight to Mineral Lake right down the road for browns and rainbows.There are fish in Alder but i think they're few and far between unless you know the lake.
Thanks Jerry, I'm either bringing my 9' toon or my tube. I'm thinking the toon since it seems to be a larger lake. I'll hit that area and bring my 'Buddy and search em' out. Thanks again,Marshall

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