reel seat fix. help!!

So my reel seat came off but just the threded end not the whole seat and in my haste to epoxy it back on i put the real seat ring which goes around the reels seat on backwards what can I do to remove it and reapply the epoxy. i tried to pull it off last night but to no avail. Can anyone please help. Thanks
Heat it up with a low flame, that should soften up the epoxy enough for you to spin the end into position. Use a lighter or something a little bigger, no propane torches... If all else fails bring it up to Everett and I'll get you fixed.

No offense, but why aren't you using the boiling water method described on

Why risk damaging your rod with an open flame when you can uniformly heat the epoxy in an aqueous solution.
The process I use is alternating heat and ice until the chemical bond of the epoxy breaks down. My understanding & experience is that epoxy won't actually melt unless you use extremely high temperatures that damage the blank.

I've never tried this with graphite or fiberglass, but have removed lots of ferrules and reel seats from bamboo rods.

For just the end of the reel seat there should be no problem in using an open flame. He's not having to remove the whole reel seat which would be a different story. You shouldn't need that much heat and the heat really shouldn't penetrate to the blank. If he was looking at removing or adjusting the entire reel seat The other method would be more appropriate.

The epoxy bond can be broken with the heat of a hairdryer and this will insure no damage to the rest of the rod. I was given this advise and it worked after about 5-10 minutes with the hair dryer.
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