Another nice Hawaiian Bonefish

10 pounds is 10 pounds.;);) IGFA certified Boga Grip weight
And how dare you suggest a guide would ask his client to push a fish towards a camera mister! :D


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Coach -
Nice bonefish!

Isn't the Hawaiian bonefish is a different species than what is commonly caught in Flordia. In fact in the dim recesses of my mind I seem to recall in some conversations with a WDFW genetist (Jim Shaklee) that there are at least 9 species of bonefish world wide. The fish all look pretty much the same but have significant genetic differences.

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Nice fish Coach!!!

Soooo Coach if a person was planning a trip to Oahu or Kauai is there any stage of the tide cycle that would be best to plan the trip around? Or does Hawaii have much of a monthly tide cycle to make much of a difference?

Curt, in Florida the main species is Abula Vulpes and it is a really thick, huge shouldered bonefish. They also have an endemic species that has just been introduced to the scientific community. We have Abula Glossodanta which by the way is responsible for the current world record (South Africa) and the previous World Record (Oahu 1954-1976) or somewhere around then. Our species is longer proportionately but gets huge as fish of over 20 pounds are pulled out of nets every month. A 16.8 was caught by a deep water jig fisherman last month on the Big Island. I see fish that size or bigger every week on our flats. It's a matter of time Curt, as they say. We also have an endemic species native only to Hawaii (Abula Virgata) that is found in deeper water and very rarely on our flats but it seems to be a smaller sized species. It is identified by two yellowish green dots under its pectoral fins and the fact it has a sharper jaw. My website has actual pictures of both species. I believe there are now 9 subspecies of bonefish around the world (and might be 10 with the new Florida subspecies!) and recently a few were caught in Newport Bay California and smaller species have been found as north as Mass on the East Coast. They really are an amazing fish worth studying. Tight lines Duffer
My 18 foot flats boat (built by Andros Boat Works) will be here in about 4 weeks Leland. It will be a Backwater model with poling platform on the back, and a casting platform with Linetamer up front. The boat will be fully covered up front so the front deck is the whole nose and one big walking/casting platform. I'm pumped as that will change the game here even more and make 15 miles of unexplored flats available. I have just begun to scratch the surface here.

Kim, I like quarter and half moon tides but we can find big bones every day of the month usually. Sometimes that means moving a bit and busting tail, but hey fishing for big fish is fishing for big fish. It's a challenge, it can be pretty dang tough at times and I will never sugarcoat it any other way. Tight lines Duffer
Coach - are you fishing those big bones with an 8 wt?? The fish are huge - I can't imagine what they do to an 8 wt. and 200 yards of backing.
PS - Ballard 0 - 4
tough division!