2 Wheels, wings and a fin or two...


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I took a weeks vacation as things at work are very slow. I loaded up my bike, guns, and gear and headed to the Okanogan. I worked on the garage putting in stud walls so the electrician can run wire. Other times I headed to the "hill" in search of grouse. And I found a bunch one afternoon. I must have flushed at least 10 birds in several places, two and three birds at a time. Three of them fell to 3/4 ounce of 7 1/2's from the 28 gauge. My limit was filled in a half hours walk.
It sure is a delight taking the bike into the hills instead of the old gas hog F-150. I can run for miles on very little gas at all. I just park it and walk in from the trailheads.

Since I was there for a while I headed to Lost Lake, again. It is one of my favorites, and this day proved to be a winner for sure. Over a period of about six hours on the water I must have taken 30 fish with lots of misses. Most misses were little dinks that plagued me for a while at the end of the afternoon. Earlier I was taking brookies from 10 to 14 inches on average. The fish are deeply colored now with brilliant orange slashes on their bellies. Six Packs, Full Backs, Red Ivans, and other soft hackle patterns were winners. Even some takes on Flashback, and Hares ears...

It was a productive week in many ways, hunting, fishing, and working on the garage...
It was a beautiful weekend for casting, blasting, and enjoying the fall colors.
Fish Lake, Chelan Co. has started to pick up and the fishing was hot until the wind blow us off the water.
Picked off a fat ruffy trying to find my way up to Sugar Loaf lookout.
The vine maple made the woods look like they were on fire.
Great weekend


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Looks like either a Remington wingmaster or (when blown up) the gold trigger, forearm and high vent rib look like a Browing BPS...


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It's a Wingmaster, a special edition, they put a nice roll mark on the receiver and a gold trigger. It is a delight to carry in the woods, light and quick pointing.
That sounds like a great time. I can't think of a much better way to spend a week than hunting, fishing, and working on a project.