walter... and the F bombs that insued


maybe even the most emotionally unstable of my life. hit a zipperlip today. Mind you I'm not much for zipperlippers but bear with me, after today it is one in my book. 2nd time out there, first time this fall. Im not expecting much a tug or two would make my day as there arent many browns in this lake.

I troll my way to the first brownie lair I could spot. Overhanging bush? Check. Sprawling log? Check. Bomb a streamer in there. Mid strip my line just stopped. Surprised (snag?!) I Bill Dance him and my line starts twanging like a fuggin guitar string. Huge, slow headshakes and the water erupts. :eek: I get a glimpse of a massive tail and the broad side of a brown. She's acting all confused. First left, then right. mmmmm Left. She heads straight for the floor and starts heading out. Im stripping like mad (F__ the reel!) just to keep up with her. She comes past me just out of sight and starts looping around in the open water. She slows a bit so I start reeling up slack like crazy to get her on my reel. Devious mutha had a 6th sense for these plans and was already working on some dirty tricks. Im leaning pretty hard. My pussy sage bent to the cork and shes grinning. I feel like Im moving her but really its my tube thats working closer. She nears the surface about 10 feet away and I got my first good look. Massive. Id put her at an honest 26". I couldnt believe the girth though. Just rediculous. My biggest trout ever was a taped 27" bow and this thing was right there in length but owned in girth. She did a half circle around my tube then switched directions real quick and started in a death roll. Mid flip and my streamer came flying past me and she disappeared bawling:

That was a couple hours ago and im still in agony. I tried to keep fishin but I was shook. Had a couple grabs but I'm not even sure if I set the hook I was so out of it. I felt like knifing my tube and goin down with the ship. All the good fish Ive ever lost all flooded back to me like it was happening all over again. One cast brought back the trophy bow that slammed a rediculous ESL on the Fall river, then burned line upstream into a log jam :beathead: The next reminded of the time I got straight owned by silver in the upper teens on the stilly. Broke me off and kept jumping :beathead: :beathead: the next and visions of a shadow the size of my leg beneath my tube and the sound my broken tippet made as it whizzed past my ear. :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:

i dont know if I can go on. I think Im gonna puke, finish a 12 pack, drunk dial an ex girlfriend and pass out on the couch.
but ill be at pass tomorrow evening. if you see me do not bring it up. its the last thing i need clouding my vision. god this is terrible. im not even remotely kidding. 8 lbr. gone.... no fish slime. no picture. no goodbye.
no worries buddy, just lost a monster cutt on the yak last weekend. broke my tippet mid run across the current, which followed a hook up on a yakima steelhead (accidental btw) that bent the shank on a pats stone to a complete 90.. the s.o.b. ran accross the fuckin river and thrashed around in the shallowes until i saw my indicator, followed by my pats stone and a wd40 shoot straight towards my face wrapping up in my hat and glasses, injury added to insult. brought me back to all the steelies i lost mid fight this summer on the sky, and just sitting down on the rocks to let it all soak in and not fishing for 20 min casue the adrenaline and disappointment had me so rattled. ive seen a few fish up on pass come and go too, but that next big one you find will bring redemption, keep on fishin buddy


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Wow... maybe I'll go up to Pass tomorrow or on Friday. I'd really like to get some brownie action up there. The fish kind Sean... not like your old avatar.

Nice story Sean...
At least you know you can come back for another shot at her..
Last Sunday on the Snohomish I had a decent sized silver make my reel scream as it shot across to the opposite side, hunker down and then spit the hook after a 10 second battle, leaving me standing in the water in disbelief..

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Good story. Less than optimal oucome of course, but I am sure that everyone can remember a time when something similar happened to them. You have to be in a fight to knock someone out, and sometimes you'll get caught by one and down you go. After some smelling salts your back up and back out there ready for battle again. Good luck in your rematch.
Don't feel bad, it happens to everyone sooner or later. I had four fish on last Friday evening, all of them put a pretty good bend in my 6wt. Never got to see any of them. bawling:


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Sean, Sean, Sean! Sweet Awesomeness! Your spot sounds like one of my favorite haunts. I'll be back fishing there again in the latter half of January. Too busy working on a ship right now. Writing from Sri Lanka seafarers' club. I should hook up with you when I get home. PM me in the 3rd week of January.

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Hey, I know that lake it's the __________________ right? PM me and let me know if I'm right. Just put the name of the lake it the title, that'll do. Oh wait, never mind the one I'm thinking about has the monster Cuts in it, not the Browns.

I fished a well known lake in Texas where I proceeded to lose three very big bass in a row due to very poor tippet material. I finally land a "smaller" fish, one to me that looked half the size of the other fish I'd lost. One of the guys with me works for Cabela's so he asks if we could keep it for their Stock Tank (They had a deal with the Department of Fisheries, so don't shoot me folks). His boss will cover most of the cost of the trip if he can bring a bass back over 9 pounds alive. I told him he could keep it but there was no way the fish was over 9 pounds, maybe a 6 pounder. It weighed out at 8 1/2 pounds. I just about crapped, those other bass were in the mid teens easy. Large mouth in the mid teens and I lose them because I bring crappy leader.

I hit the lake again a year later, but all I hit were a couple of small guys in the 5 pound range.



Surprisingly, no F-Bombs on my end. Can't quite figure that out.