Thanksgiving Chums?

How has the chummin been recently in Hood Canal and the Puget Sound? I had decent action two weekends ago, and I just wanted to know if it was a little too late for most of the creek mouths, or if it was still good. Thanks-
Hi I was in Twonah last weekend many hookups but no one landed :-(
Interesting to watch chums spawning in the creek above the hwy bridge
On the negative side was gear chuckers who disturb the fish in the crick wading across it... and some trying to fish in the creek itself!
Game wardens should pay more attention to spawning streams
were you there in the evening around high tide you should have gotten more fish than that. granted they dont bite very well but its one of those situations where they clog the area and just swim and and it goes in there mouth ive been there about 8 times in the last 2 weeks and it is hot at high tide when they congregate on the right side of the rock face. was that you fishin there sunday evening on the right side of the rock face.
If you want to land into bunch of nice chums...I suggest the Chico
Creek (Kitsap County)...Its loaded right now and there are not as many fisherman as you would see in Hoodsport, which also is really good right now.

Sean :)
I was at Twanoh on mon. the 19th. at about noon. I was the only one there for about 2 hours. Broke my 8wt rod on a 15 pounder but was able to land him. The rod was an el cheapo. I need to learn to play them better on a fly rod. I switched to a spinning rod and landed 6 more fish in about 2 hrs. Released them all. Those big chums are real horses and they fight like hell.
It's worth a trip up there as it doesn't seem to get the pressure like Hoodsport does and there are lots of fish right now.
My neighbor and I fished Chico Creek Tuesday on the morning high tide. We hooked up on at least 40 fish and landed about 25. We were using a size 8 skimpy Chum Candy fly. The fish are real beat up, although some were brighter and active. If you can stay away from the lure fishermen, just cast up-current and dead drift the fly. The fish are hitting when the fly is at the end of the swing.

Good luck.
hey shortline that was i who was fly fishin who you told me you broke your rod when playing a fish then using a bobber and jig because my freind has problems reeling in big fish on light line so i had to let him try to use my 8wt. i was wearing the carhart beanie. good numbers huh
Hey Rockfish-- I remember talking to you. That was neat letting your friend use your fly rod. I stopped and talked with him and he was having fun. Was he able to land any fish after I left?
I went up to Chico creek today. A little more crowed scene, but still mainly flyfishers. Red flys seemed to be working almost better than green today. High tide seems to produce the most hits. I had about 10 fish on but didn't land any. Some days are like that.
yeah he caught,landed, released a couple all by his lonesome. pretty big feet since hes never really caught a salmon before. been to chico only twice this year but was my favorite haunt until this year cause discoverd a lot of opportunity. might try to brave the winds there tomorow morning see if i can get that turkey fish. later on Ben those 15-20 lbers are a SOB in the tail