Anyone know where to find black powder?

I would like to find a retailer who will sells black powder. Not Pyrodex, Triple 7, etc., but real black powder. The way I see it, if you're going shoot shoot a traditional firearm (I shoot a Hawken), then you should use a traditional propellant.

I recently moved from the east coast where black powder is relatively easy to obtain (perhaps because of the numerous war re-enactments), but I have found no one in Washington that sells it at all. There are a couple of websites for specialty powder shops that will sell a minimum of 25 lbs at a time, but that is just a wee bit more than I want! Apparently, the hazmat fees are so high that retailers have a hard time making a profit, so they either have to sell it in bulk or not at all.

Anyone have ideas?
I used to buy mine from "Hooked on Toys" here in Wenatchee.
I still have most of a can and haven't shot my smoke poles in a couple of years.
Happy hunting.
White Elephant in Spokane used to carry it. Federal rules severely limit the amount of black powder a store can carry, it's a class A explosive or something, so those that do carry it carry only a little, like 5 lbs. max, and this time of year are sold out very early in the AM..The old sport shop in downtown Eburg had some also.

Y'all might consider pyrodex...less corrosive, I've found it pretty reliable..easy to obtain and safe to store. I understand about the black, but I'm just sayin'...

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IN case you're still on the hunt, a buddy of mine was just down in Puyallup at Muzzleloader Supply and confirmed that you can get black powder in quantities as small as 1 pound for $20. They will not ship.