What's your favorite cold weather Nip?


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This is the time of year to consider flask contents carefully.
A new acquaintance offered me nip from his flask last week and it had ouzo in it:thumb: oh yeah-said he had just changed over from single malt in honor of fall. Good call.

I like Irish whiskey but am curious about what others in the pages might suggest or what their current preferences are.

You might ask, why is this string not marked NFR? :D come ON...of course it's FR. It's one of the tweediest parts of our little subculture.
Luke (LBC) just logged onto my account and said that last comment...homo! Luke just doesn't know when to give up.
acquired a fifth of 27 yr old crown royal. peeerrrrfect. smoothest whiskey ive ever had, a complete opposite from your run of the mill bottle of crown off the shelves. match a flask of that to the cheek full of kodiak, and im too buzzed and numb to feel cold:thumb:

Ed Call

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I guess I have to get myself a flask and something to put inside it. I used to hit some Aretimi Honey Rum from Las Islas Canarias, great for snowboarding, would be great for fishing too.