Hating on the Renzetti Traveler

Just had the adjustment screw break on me for the third time, and the cam was closed less than halfway. The screw shot like a projectile towards my face, and fortunately hit my glasses, otherwise I would probably be blind in my left eye now. So moral of the story, spend your money on something else.


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That happens to those of us that use them a lot. Happened only twice to me before I smartened up and got a stainless steel socket-head cap screw to replace it with. Thousands of flies later, no breakage.

The Traveler is a great vise with a few shitty components. Adapt and overcome, Young Jedi.
Yeah I'm gonna make a trip to the hardware store today and try to find the strongest screw they sell. Not gonna settle for anything less than kryptonite.
Have had a traveller for over 15 years and no problems, except for the little o-ring breaking/cracking. Just picked up few of those at the hardware store and voila. You indeed are lucky not to have sustained an injury. I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade that screw too on my part.

Be careful not to torque down too hard on your hooks either. I actually used to myself and have had TMC 2457's snap while fighting some fish bawling:, right where I had the hook in my vise when I tied that fly. Happened a couple of times to me and on my friends as well, whom I give my flies away to. They complained about a warranty and I said there is no warranty on the free stuff :rofl: Never thought a 2457 would break but I'm sure I weakened it by putting all that pressure on it while in the vise.

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Hmmmm....been tying on my cuda for years and have used Dyna King equipment for years before that, with never a breakage, failure or other problem. You get what you pay for.


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I had the same thing happen to me after I converted to the cam jaws. Thankfully, I was able to get the fractured screw out of the back jaw and replace it with a screw from the original head. I was guilty of cranking down pretty hard on hooks for spinning deer hair. I've lightened up on the tension and the hooks still hold well, but I hope I don't see a second event.
I've tried tying in hand, not ready for that yet. 5 days for one fly aint worth it to me. If I was to get something else I think I would get the original Regal. Simple and bombproof. The Nor-Vise looks cool but there is too much crap going on with that thing for my taste, I hardly use the rotary on my vise as is.

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Monkey, you have to admire the sleek elegance of the nor vise though...even if you don't spin it like mad to make your wraps.


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The Nor Vise is sweet! I will have one someday, I just don't need it now. There is a learning curve, but I seen Norm's demo a few times and tied on the Nor Vise a few time. Now the bobbins are sweet, and I use them!

I'm happy with my Regal vise for home and my Dan Vise for flies where I need a full rotary and when I take my vice with me. I really bought the Dan Vise as my travelling vise! I think I'm covered! ;)