Annette Lake report

So the wife talked me out of going to some of the destination lakes I was hoping to go to this weekend. Partly b/c she wanted to join me fishing (and she didn't want to sit on a pontoon boat freezing) and partly b/c the weather wasn't optimal pretty much anywhere in the state (in the realm of keeping her warm or at least in the sun - I swear she is exothermic at times).

So we went to Annette Lake (which involves a hike) and therefore got a "workout" getting up to it which did its job in keeping her reasonably at a nice insulated warm temperature.

When we got up there it was without much activity.

We threw a couple wet flies and streamers at the usual places fish that looked fishy from shore - but sadly no hits.

It was the first time we have been up there, but based on what I've read about the lake, it gets a few cutties planted there every year.

Unfortunately I think planting the lake is the only way to keep in populated b/c I saw one fish that had recently died near the shore floating belly up - it was pretty skinny and appeared to have recently died from starvation.

Anyone have any luck at that lake before during this year?