Jesse, Evan, Tylor... this for you goons

Yeah i was going to say something but i wasnt quite sure it was you. I think i passed you when i was headin in at dark too. Let me tell you, there are some gnarly browns in that back corner i was fishing in.

You gonna head up this way tomorrow? Im gonna go back out in the afternoon again. Lemme know
two words...... SKUNKED on the fucking methow!..............i suppose thats more than two words but you get the idea...... No fish....... We had a great time drinking and watching Brock Lesnar "whoop that ass".................. and we were in beautifull country, but no feesh! I am in dire need of a trout outing...I need to see, and feel a fish or i might go mad.............. By the way.... Mike Wilson officially out drank us young bucks, and he was in the best shape of all of us come saturday morning..... Mad props.
I have pictures of Jesse in his long johns with a hang over. The pictures go to the highest bidder. I do not drink, that was cold medicine you saw me sipping.
I somehow managed to get skunked at pass yesterday. Every single fish i hooked i lost. Sean stood me up, i had 18 coors widemouth cans with me in preperation to throw down, and to top it off i left my foglights on in my truck and when i came back at dark my battery was dead.
Are we all in agreeance for a pass lake shindig sunday?......................................... I coach saturday morning, but i oculd do saturday afternoon/evening..... Heck i might just camp up there and fish both days
jesse. did you try a buzz bomb?? those things are bananas.

sorry blake i drank too much saturday night and the thought of doing anything but layin around and watching the big lebowski made me throw up in my mouth. i even punked out and missed the mickey avalon and dirt nasty show. it was pretty rough.

but im down to get down next weekend. im goin out in seattle saturday night but im game for a hungover pass lake adventure sunday for sure.. or depending how the rivers look i kind of want to go swing some uglies and pick up some bulls. dont know whats up with me but i keep daydreaming of toad dollies. lata playaz
100 skunkings on the methow is better than catching those rufus woods pond monkeys!

iagree iagree

My thoughts exactly. A good day on the met is just being on the met. Although you may still catch a pond monkey.
id pitch in for a needle as well, but id rather share....

Dollies maybe.... pass lake.... maybe.... either way, blake, sean and CALDERON the don will be fishin
Nice drinking pics. I have never seen a Subaru with an exhaust pipe in in the drivers seat like that before, looks interesting. :)

In my experience, if you have to depend on someone to get out fishing, you will not go fishing much.

If you really have the fishing bug like me and I suspect like Sean, you will fish a lot by yourself not because you want to, mostly because some people have "priorities"........whatever the fuck those are.