Jesse, Evan, Tylor... this for you goons

well god dammit. let me see how i can adjust my schedule to make sunday work. i'll have to be off the water by like noon though. i hate my work schedule
blake...... how about you trade me your drift boat for my alumaweld.... then you could drift in knarley water more often???? its an older one.... values are about the same..... make it happen son!.... If not.... lets still drink whiskey and fish
Is it like a flat bottom style sled? Or is it a drift boat? Yeah and im still down for whiskey no matter what. I went to pass last night and i couldnt believe it i got skunked again. I had a couple hook ups, lots of fish following my streamer right up to the boat, but none to hand. I think i need to change up my tactics out there, its getting embarrassing. I havent fished there in like 3 or 4 months i think, so i suppose its not so bad.
its an aluminum drift boat.... and dont worry man, itl make that first landed fish that much sweeter...... I wish i lived near pass... although everrett isnt too far, I cant just hit it after work
so i just hit the jackpot

i'm now working 4 days a week, getting paid for all 5. i'm getting a 3 day weekend from now until about spring-ish.

let's fish:D
lol i think im in the same................. no pun intended...... well lets at least both bring our boats, then we will decide... Mine's ungly, but you dont have to worry about painting rocks with it......... trust me
its on like donkey kong soldiers. depending on how drunk i get saturday night you just may find me sleeping at the boat launch sunday morning or ***gasp***

fishing shit faced drunk in the dark.

i might have my lady friend drop my dumb ass off. no matter what i will be there. early.