Chico Creek was a bust today...

Maybe because at 8am sharp 50 of my closest gill netter "friends" choked the bay full of nets. I ran a guy out to within 50 yards of the mouth of the creek and let him throw a bit while I softly rowed to keep him registered to the bank. I didn't see anyone with a fish, but did see a few fellow fly tossers waist high out at the mouth. I got pretty disheartened after about an hour and only seeing one fish rise in open water, and so many more stuck in the nets. We packed it in and I had aspirations of going to look at Carr Inlet or Allyn, but just decided to run the sled in the green for a few minutes to flush it and headed for the barn.

I didn't know the commercial guys were going to descend on there a resource that will tell us as anglers what and if there is a netting schedule there?

Tight lines....what I here is that the outfall of Perry Creek has been hot....

I heard that they will be netting their little brains out for two days,(apparently after x number of chum return)meanwhile the last week has been at least in the evening stupidly slow, it doesn't look good.


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Make that all day. The bulk of the fish that come ashore are gear flossed in less than a yard of water in the creek itself. It's comic/sad to see folks trying for a "dead fish swimming". That is to say, moldy. I got out there about 1000 hrs and was surprised to see that many netters out there. Sorry to have missed you earlsmith. I was the short fat man in the big hat with the cigar and spey rod. (easy to spot)

Ed Call

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Unless he brings a sizably inadequate his switch rod. Freaked me out when I saw him with a tiny 11 footer the other day.

Ed Call

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Who can cast more than 40 feet? Anyway, I like watching you do your long roll casts and double snake cast or whatever it is. Use what you like and like what you use. I remember you using a rod for the first time and had a line on it that did not suit your fancy, but you still looked like one happy dude.


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Spoke with a fisheries rep. on thursday. she said they had met their escapemnt goals, and were going to start netting on Fri. (yesterday) and Tuesday...