Muddy Waters, great music, horrible fishing


I live with wind knots
Knowing that the rivers are still blown, I was thinking about hitting one of three beaches this weekend. However, as I look off of Pier 67, where I work, the bay is brown brown brown with run-off. Will it do any good at all to even go out with the color of the water the way it is? or should I stay home and listen to Muddy Waters instead?


I live with wind knots
OK, Maybe I should just rephrase this. Ain't asking where to go, just wanted to know if the rest of the bay was as muddy as it is downtown area, and if it would even be worth going out. I know none of us wants a crowded beach, but wondered if anybody has been out today at all and if they had any luck
I can not tell you how the land side is, but I am in the Coast Guard and we were out between Seattle and Tacoma patroling and the water was cleaner to mid sound but looked like tons of wood and crap close to shore. Can not tell you how many times we hit something with our boats. Maybe someone may have a beach report.

Today from Everett to Possession Pt the surface water was brown with lots of wood. There were commie netters every where. Hopefully all the wood in the water kept them cleaning their nets rather than catching fish.

Rob Ast

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Mumbles is right. I was out on a beach seining trip around BI today. Visibility on the sound was 6 feet, agate pass was 17ft
I fished Carkeek without success, but I thought the water quality for fine for clarity. I will agree though that I've never seen so much wood in the water. I would hate to be in my boat out there, scary. It was kind of cool also,, maybe I've just never fished from slack tide into the first hour of the outgoing. But man... I've never seen such a strong current. I actually had to be careful how I stepped within the 2' surf.


I live with wind knots
Was that this saturday Quad? I saw that too. the water there was clear as bathwater....before I get in of course. must be just Elliott bay that is all muddy as on Sunday I was back down at the Edgewater and it was still muddy as hell. couldn't even see the rocks. Saw some rises at Carkeek, but didn't hook anything.