Another nice Hawaiian Bonefish

Ed Call

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Coach, sweet. Talking about your boner and standing in that cold water...wait, you are not here, you are THERE. My last time out was a brief outing, I was under layered and over cold. That bonefish and seeing you in the warm surf makes me want to drop in on you and tag along. Thanks for the bonerfishporn.
Damn fine fish Coach, trophy class.

Let's see....154 days before chasing bones in the tropics. I'll need you to keep sending the pic's of great fish to hold me over.

Ethan G.

I do science.. on fish..
Sweet fish!

Hey Duff, I'll be coming over your way for a week on Saturday. Hows the fishing looking for next week?

That reminds me... I need to tie some crazy charlies... :hmmm:

Richard E

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Sorry Coach, everyone was looking at the fish and not paying attention to you. You could have been buck neked and I for one would have never noticed.

Richard, why you checking out the Coach?
;) You should go fishing with him, THEN you'll understand. :D

After 'easymends' brought up that comment about waders (and I've fished with Duff and he didn't use waders then), I went back to the pic to confirm Duff wasn't turning wuss on us and indeed wearing waders. Nope, no waders.