11/27 Durkey Report


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Woke up at 4:00 to beat my fellow hunters to some public blinds, however, the 'blue bird' start to Turkey Day made for a slow morning and a exhausting evening of gluntany!

Anyone besides D3smartie seem to be having a slow duck season? I'm assuming that since we've not had many cold crappy days/weeks the careless, unknowing Canadian birds are not here yet, and the resident locals are all aware of the hot LZs...cause it sure seems the birds are everywhere except for the hunting grounds!

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I talked to a guy who recently spent 4 days camped out in the sand dunes on Potholes Reservoir. Between two guys, they bagged a total of 20 birds. That's pretty slow over the course of 4 days. Central WA has been unseasonably warm, save for a few days last week. 32 degrees in Calgary generally starts the southward migration- not sure how cold it's been up there, but I believe you are right: It just hasn't been cold enough to drive the Northerns down, and not cold enough to keep the local birds moving around to feed/return to water several times a day.