Look what I found

Well, an early X-mas gift from my in-laws was a new vise. So, my wife was getting a little irratated with my crap on the kitchen table and had mentioned something about getting a desk. We looked through Craigs list and found this one last night and picked it up today. I love it. Now all I need to do is fill it up.


Ed Call

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Sweet find. I recently added a similar roll top desk. Mine is much older looking, not nearly as pretty, but does well.
This one is about 10 years old. The guy I bought it from is in the Air Force and is getting ready to leave and wanted to get rid of some stuff. It wasn't used a whole lot, it did have quite a bit of dust on it and a few scratches but it will serve it's purpose. I say that it has plenty of space now, but I'm sure within a few years it will be small.:beer2:

Ed Call

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A few years? Dude, you'll have that pretty little thing FULL in three months or less. I had a lot of tying crap scattered, my desk appears the same size. Mine was full as soon as I gathered up the stuff from around the house and shop. Now about three months later and it is PACKED and I'm thinking expansion options.
LOL, my wife was watching me type when I made that last post, I didn't want to hear her complain. You're probably right on a few months though.

Ed Call

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My wife watches me type on here too sometimes. She says I'm addicted. True. She says I need real friends, not virtual friends. True. She says a lot of things that are true. So do I, three months tops. FDC has a nice roll top...looks great...filled to the seams...added some extra drawers atop his. I'm only still here because it will be about two or three more hours before I'm tired. Two or three after that I'll wake up to get the family ready to roll out for another day. I should be cleaning up the roll top desk downstairs and tying up some white buggers with flash for my next day off...
I guess doomed is a good thing. I probably won't go to sleep for a couple more hours, the only issue with the desk now is I need light, and lots of it. The room we have it in doesn't have any overhead lighting. So, I'll probably stop at Cabelas on the way home on Wednesday and see what they have. Since I tie for my friends back in Tn, I'll get one of those lights with the magnifying glass in it. :beer2:

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Fishdontcare will recommend you hit JoAnn's or Michaels and find a true spectrum OTT light. Others will recommend a Norlander. I broke down and got a Nor-vise lamp designed to fit directly on the thread post. Whatever works for you...but it has to be complimentary to that great looking desk...it sits in your house. Maybe you should let the misses pick it out.
That's not gonna happen, she'll want to pick something out that does fit the desk, where as I'm looking for something that has great lighting for when I'm tying. Besides, if it's ugly, I can just roll the top down.:thumb:

Ed Call

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Wolverine jogged my bad memory. OTT, Normandie and Daylight were the lights recommended to me. My Nor-vise light is not that bright. Sometimes there is never enough light so I should buy more.

Glad I can help the addiction. Seriously though, go to a sewing and craft store, they'll have lots to look at and the ladies will think it is cool that you are visiting their store.


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Very nice! I got a roll top desk from a neighbor moving out about a month ago! It's not in as good shape, but is perfect for a tying desk and I've wanted one for a long time. I offered to buy another neighbor's desk or told him to keep me in mind if he ever wanted to sell his bigger roll top, but it means too much to him.

Can't wait to get mine all setup, it's in the garage at the moment, since I wanted to clean it up a little first.

I've got a good little natural light from Costco years ago that works great for tying as well.

Bill :cool:
Mine sat in the garage for an hour. I'm very impatient when it comes to getting things set up. Once we got it cleaned, I started to put it together. Once again thanks for pointing out the lamps. Some are a bit pricey, but I need to find one soon, like today so I can tie some tonight.