Pattern Matuka improvisation

Only been tying a couple weeks now and have been experimenting with what I have on hand and what I dug out of my mother's 10 year-old materials box (she no longer fishes) while waiting for a big order of miscellaneous feathers 'n fur.

I like the looks of the Matuka pattern so I started experimenting. It's on a #6 streamer hook but would probably better on a 7999. My thought was as an SRC pattern to bump along in shallow water, roughly imitating a sculpin. I need to work on my head finishing but any other feedback is appreciated.

The one with the long marabou was my first effort (on a #4 hook) but I think I like the other one better.

I feel like it'll fish but we'll see...


Brad Niemeyer

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Nice work!

Webby Hen saddle works well for those matuka style flies. I believe the intent of the pattern is to provide a broad side view to the fish. I tied matukas quite a bit before switching to pine squirrel slumpbusters.
Thanks for the info! I used two natural Whiting wet fly hackles on the inside sandwiched by two more narrow dark red dyed chinese neck hackles and even with four feathers, I was a little dissappointed by the sparseness of the 'fin' up the back.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Good work. I like the one in the second pic, with the longer red marabou. Searun cutts in my local tidal creeks would smack that thing. The other one looks a little bit too plush in the front end for my tastes (maybe its just that the red marabou in it is trimmed?), but the fish might not care. It will probably get better as the cutts chew it down.

Those flies will catch fish!

Brad Niemeyer

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Here are a few of mine using webby hen saddle feathers. Matukas are effective. Especially effective are matukas tied with chick-a-bou feathers. Those are killer.:thumb:

Its cold outside... happy tying!



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I like Matukas as streamers for trout fishing, perhaps better than any other style. They are relatively easy to tie (compared for instance to muddlers) and to cast (compared for instance to rabbit strip flies). I think they are effective because they present an effective profile combined with streamlined shape.

Mine look a lot like EasyRider's (but I'll have to try the chickabou collar). Typically, I use 2 paired feathers (4 total) for the wing/tail and a fifth wrapped for the collar. I usually add a stripe of crystal flash down the side of the body (wrapped in place by the wire rib) and continuing into the tail as a laterial line. Sorry, I don't have any photos.

I tend to use more natural colors than you show in yours and keep the collar smaller. Yours look like they would make great steelhead flies, but might be bit too gaudy for trout.

Edit: photo attached.