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What I want to know is where are all the guys who consistantly brag up E. WA? They tend to pop up during the early winter and spring months. Once the winter hits and the summer gets heating up to 90 and 100 they tend to go silent.
Don't know about the rest, but I am here, loud an proud. 30 degrees out this morning, skiff of snow, Ronde and Snake freezing over and can't wait for the weekend. As for the summers, if you can't take the HEAT, stay the hell out of the kitchen!:eek: With all the beaches and bikinis who the hell cares how hot it is!:clown:

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Being retired has it's good points. Fishing when ever you want to and not driving to work in this kind of snot because you don't have to. Plus 14 this morning, Must be that heat wave I been hearing about. Supposed to get to the minus side of the temp gauge this weekend.

But the ten day forcast says we should be up into the high 30's by Christmas. I like that.



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I've got 13" of snow here on my patio table and its 24 degrees here in Clear Lake this morning and its still snowing lightly.


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Went out the let the dogs do thier morning business and it has started snowing here again. We got another 2 inches over night. I think we have better than a foot now. I managed to make it down the hill last night. Nobody is getting back up without chains or 4x4. A lot of cars in the ditch and off the side of the road. One bonehead in a jacked up 4x4 truck took out a neighbor's new fence he had built last summer.

21 degrees and snowing here in beautiful Sedro Woolley this morning.

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I look at the weather page every morning just to see who's getting what. This morning it look like Spokane is catching hell and the same for the west side of the state. It clear here in Montana.

The trouble with snow in Montana is that once it falls it stays around for a long time.We don't get rain like you guys do so it slowly has to evaporate away.


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The hot tub has 8 inches of new snow on it as the kids used all of it yesterday for snowballs.

I need to get my dog down the the river bar so he can stretch out and run a few miles.


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Sheesh Kerry! Second day off work because of this crap. The little 4x4 and the jeep do great. The van has studs but I'm not going to let someone crash into me trying to get to work...Guemes Island is a long trek in this weather.
We got pounded all day and night here in Spokane. At least at my house we have over 15 inches of snow and it is still snowing. Pretty fluffy stuff though.
Here in the Spokane Valley I have been shoveling all morning so I could get my car out of the driveway. I measured 20" in my yard and it is still coming down hard.
My boss just called and told me not to come in. So I have got all day to dig out.
We may get another 8-10" so I would like to get this 20" pushed around before it gets worse.
Jesse Clark


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maybe 4" right now but it is coming down nonstop at the moment, 26 perfect snow degrees. will have to get out and shovel later today.


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I've got 13" of snow here on my patio table and its 24 degrees here in Clear Lake this morning and its still snowing lightly.
You live in Clear Lake? I have several family members living there including a brother and an uncle but I won't say who on the grounds that you may think lowly of me based on your possible experience with them. :rofl:

Regardless, 13 inches is a lot for there, especially if it is 24 degrees as it takes a lot of snow to accumulate that amount when its that dry.
My daughter is trying to get off the north end of Camano Island today to go to Seattle. Anyone have an update on what the roads like from the island to Stanwood and then Stanwood to the interstate. She says that there is about 12 inches on the ground on the island and it's still snowing (11:30 am MST).