A Cold Lone Lake -12/22 & Tying

Jeff Dodd

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A few pictures of Lone Lake in the snow and ice. We have about 14 inches on the ground and the lake is covered in ice except for a swath of open water that stretches from the center to the cove just east of the boat launch.

Friday I picked up fly tying supplies at the Mill Creek Fly shop. Nice/patient staff and a good selection of materials. I spent the spare moments this weekend honing my very intermediate tying skills. Patterns I've been working on: Denny's A.P. Emerger, Bucktail Coachman, Spruce, and a few experimental Chironomids patterns. I will wait to post my fly pictures.... They aught to "Fish OK" however.

Merry Christmas!

Jeff Dodd


You live on a wonderful lake. Great pics. After it warms up I am gonna have to come up again and fish. Little cold now but if you offered a warm drink to a passing pontoon...
Thanks for the pics of Lone, they're great! I love that lake, caught many nice fish there over the years. Can't wait till warmer weather.
Hey Jeff, Great pictures. Let's get the auger out and drop chironomids down the holes. On second thought I'll just sit by the fire and tie some. Happy Holidays. :beer2:

Jeff Dodd

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Yes. The lake does look pretty in this early winter. I thought the Stillwater watchers would enjoy seeing familiar sights dressed out in the snow and ice.

Steve - While tying I pulled out the streamer pattern you gave me at Pass Lake. I'm going to have to wait and tye it after I see you and get some instruction! Really a nice looking fly and I'm close to having all the componants. Thanks again!
Great picture Jeff! Brrrrrr...looks like it will be awhile before Lone sees my chironomids! What a great lake, I have fished Lone for 11 years now and it's my favorite chironomid lake this side of the Cascades. I'll be in the "little" blue home built pram or a green X-stream pontoon..see you on the water in '09!!--Steve :beer2: