Any experience with


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Hopefully this doesn't violate site policy but has anyone ordered from and would like to provide feedback on how good they are as an online retailer?

Alternatively, I am happy to go to any of the sponsors on this site--am looking for Lady's Amherst center tail section in dark lilac.

I placed an order with them last June and didn't receive anything, but I also was NOT charged anything either. I email them various times and received no response.

Their website has numerous blank pages.
Hobby websites are one thing. But if it's a website with a shopping cart
and they still have broken links and blank pages, I'd call that a fatal error.
Last thing I'd ever do is give them a credit card number.


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Thanks for the insights. I called their customer service/order number just to see if they have the items in stock, no one answered and the mailbox message said something to the effect that "the mailbox is full and cannot take any more messages".

Oh well.