Well worth the read!!


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Wow Fred, what an eye opener!
there's been some discussion on "the other pages" about Modern style, but not much clarification--and that article totally clarified it for me. Thanks very much!
I've been using techniques similar to what was described as Modern because it's more natural for me, using the rods I do.
true Scando rods, besides being frightfully expensive, are also frightfully fast, but the Modern style seems to lend itself well to the progressive Meiser tapers I cast most of the time, whereas underhanding is what it takes to get the most out of, say, an LPXe. You don't give it plenty of bottom hand, it just doesn't go.
I've also hybridized Skagit tackle into the mix, and call it "Skandit" casting, and only I seem to find that amusing...:)but it has real application on NW rivers, especially on smaller flows.