Stephen Mull
It might be all in my dome, but I love tying with UV ice dubbing and UV angel hair. I "feel" like there's a difference. I guess all that matters is that I have a lot more confidence in the stuff. I don't catch enough steelhead to get real answer.


MA-9 Beach Stalker
I recently used some UV ice dubbing (blended with other colors) to tie amphipod patterns for saltwater beach fishing, and the salmon really liked it. It catches a lot of light under dim conditions and forms a nice translucent body. Go for it.


Active Member
Couple of years back several of us were fishing the Harrison and Vedder for Chums/Kings. The most effective fly was all chartreuse on a SS hook. First night one of the fellows tied the same fly using all UV materials. Amazing difference in the results!!!!!!ptyd:thumb:

Charles Craumer

One of My favourite materials to tie with. Great stuff for streamers etc. Game over