Boat/pram of Choice?


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Love the Koffler... Here mine The custom boxes can be moved to help balance the weight out. Its a 10' and built like a tank, and a bit over 100 lbs. I can wheel it around no problem with a dolly, but its not as light as a Hopper II, which was my previous boat. Its got a transom notch as well for a kicker motor. I can drift down rivers, which I'd be leary of doing in a lower sided Hopper. I have Scotty Rod holders and double anchor set ups for chironomid fishing, which I love btw... Good luck with your search. You should also look at the Valco boats, they are lighter and around, might be able to get a deal.


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I bought a Klamath 10' Jac boat last year. It is actually 10'6" in length and the bottom is 38' wide. Klamath boats are all welded. Most of the other brands of flat bottom jon boats are 32" wide, only 10" long and are riveted. I have another jon boat, a 10' Crestliner, and it fits inside the Klamath. You might check the Klamath boat website. SS

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spring creek prams hopper II nice a little heavy but stable love mine
I have one too and it's for sale. Unfortunately it is in Burney, CA right now. I love the boat, but I'm getting too old to haul it up and down the stairs where I live, so I'm switching to a pontoon boat.
Neat looking boat. I dunna understand the purpose of the brace on the back. I have a little Clack pram gathering moss in the blackberry bushes. I think I might be missing a good bet.
Hi. I'm a new member today. My name is Denny. I go by Strike Zone. I see you like inflatables for fly fishing. I've never owned one before, but I'm seriously thinking about one. Was wondering if you could give me some advise? I normally fish by myself, but the wife comes along to keep me company once in awhile. I do fish chronies in May/June up in BC quite a bit so I would be doing some double anchoring at that time of year. But mostly I do alot of sloooow winddrifting with dragon fly nymphs,leeches,wooley buggers, ect. It's about 20% double anchoring and 80% wind drifting throughout the year. I had a stroke so my balance isn't very good for my age. I like the idea of a quiet boat and being able to stand up safely. I have two elect. motors. One is a 46 lb thrust and the other is a 90 lb thrust which requires two batteries hooked together. I want a boat that is as light as possible. The 10 foot pram I'm considering weighs 87 pounds. How is the inflateable for rowing? Is there any paticular brand you like best? How do they hold up as far as getting a fly hooked into them? Are they comfortable to fish out of for a whole day at a time? Could I get one stuffed into the trunk of a Toyota Corolla sedan? How long a boat would I have to get to be able to fish another person with me if I wanted to, and woulld they be comfortable? Do you know about what one would cost on average? I'm trying to find something that I can put in my car's trunk that's a good boat to fish out of so I won't have to drive my big pickup up to BC to go fly fishing. Boy, I'm just full of questions huh.
Thank you for you input
Very much appreciated
MaserCaster: I've been researching prams for some time. I haven't laid down the cash but have just about made up my mind to do business with Spring Creek Prams, located in Tonasket, WA. They are a sponsor for this site. Take a look see!! Duane J


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That size of boat would be overkill on the majority of the lakes I fish. The lake our cabin is on, as well as others, don't allow gas motors...for good reason....pretty much all 4 wheel drive lakes. My friends in their 8 and 10' boats/prams all doubled anchored, fishing chronies would give me a hard time. They have a tendancy of calling everything larger than 12' the Queen of of our larger ferries up here.

I need something I can slide into the back of my pickup which has a short box. I'm thinking that even a 12'er might be too long which is the size I would need if I went with a jon boat. Ten foot jon boats are just too narrow and don't give you enough floor room between the middle and back seat. 20" seems to be standard which is not nearly enough. The search continues!
I have the Hopper II and it is truly an incredible boat but I don't think you could fit it comfortably in the back of your truck. I think they sell a 10' two seater though. Great stable boats.

Denny, welcome to the site and don't worry about the questions...somebody will have an answer...even if it's not what your looking for! You opened up a 1 & 2 year old thread, so you might not get a lot of feedback. Use the search function, see what's been talked about already, then narrow your criteria a little bit and start a post along those lines, you'll probably get information specific to your needs. Fred.

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I have a question for the Koffer owners. Now, I know Joe Koffler and have actually sent him business when my prams didn't fit someones needs. So, don't beat me up here. When we went into business we too looked at the exemption but opted to add flotation to our boats in interest of safety. I know all about the "why's" of not adding it with regards to river use but if we, as manufacturers know for a fact that the pramwill be used on stillwaters don't we owe it to our customers to put it in? Kofflers prams should have a Coast Guard sticker on the stern that, because Koffler opted to stick with building their boats for river use, says, in part "to be used in shallow water, not far from shore". Although river prams, such as Koffler and Endure are, in fact exempt from US Coast Guard required flotation and without it you gain valuable floor space in such a small area my question are; Do they offer US Coast Guard flotation as an option? If so do your prams have it? How much did it cost as an option? Is it in the bow and stern or under the seats? Is there a capacity sticker on the stern that reflects the addition of flotation. Thanks for the help. Jim Wheeler, Spring Creek Prams

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Why not consider a regular boat. I have a 16 ft Alumaweld Super Vee. It's powered by a 60 hp Yammy fourstroke with tiller control and prop. Extremely stable and two guys(fly) have plenty of room to spend 12 hour days on the water....... just a thought.
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I have boat envy . . .:-( I want one of these.