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I have been looking at the 896-4 Z-Axis and I am coming across all sorts of different prices from reputable fitters/stores

Cabelas - 705.00
Avid Angler - 705.00
FlyfishUSA - 685.00
KingFisher - 685.00
Anglers Lane - 660.00

This is unusual from experience. Economy? Inventory backing up?

Ethan G.

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Hmmmm. Yeah, I'd have to agree with you that it's weird. Normally the higher end stuff is pretty consistent in pricing. I'm not aware of any price fluctuations on Sage products because of the economic climate. I hope not anyway, cause I just dropped the cash for a 590-4. I say just buy from a reputable dealer or fly shop.
All this stuff is price protected, people just havent applied their 09 price into their 08 product, maybe to help it sell? I would expect everybody to be the same here quick, but price protection doesnt mean much in this economy as I have watched many shops sell current product at discount prices because they need the $$$.

Itchy Dog

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The eBay stores selling them are either $705 or $685 as well. Some of them offer a free line with the purchase. Others offer free shipping. Retailers can find ways to sweeten the deal, but I've nearly always found the same price nearly everywhere.


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I'm still not persuaded that any rod made of plastic is actually worth six or seven hundred dollars, so this slight price variation is immaterial to me.

I'm still not persuaded that any rod made of plastic is actually worth six or seven hundred dollars, so this slight price variation is immaterial to me.

I hear you on this one. I don't think that I am a good enough fisher to notice a great enough difference to convince me to spend double on a rod. If I was loaded - I would probably own one of everything - but that's not the case. I would like to hear from some of the experts on this one - is there that much of a added value or is it warranty, status, or what? Perhaps these rods in the hands of experts are just too good to pass up - I just don't know.
the reason they are 700 plus is because they are paying americans to build and produce them in america with the finest materials available. If its too much, look at the new flight. this rod is awesome and has as much feel as any other sage on the rack. Very smooth, includes rod/reel case, and built on bainbridge! I do agree that nowadays some imported rods do perform at higher levels than ever before so I understand why you would wonder why some one would pay that much for a rod that performs equally. its evident to me when you look at a rod like a high end winston that is not only excellent in performance and technology but a beautiful piece of art built my an american in twin bridges. But nothing is as light as a boron rod, just ask orvis. Same with sage, except I do not quite think they are cosmetically pleasing. Same with st croix, t'n't, scott, and long list of other american rod builders who deserve better.
In a time like this, I would think that supporting american workers and companys would be of utmost importance when we all agree that the rods perform on similar levels.

Itchy Dog

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I just checked one of my Z-Axi, and there are wood and metal elements in addition to the plastic. That makes me feel better. ; )

I agree- I would never pay $700 for a rod. But picking up a lightly used one for half price makes me feel pretty good. That being said, there are obviously enough guys paying full retail to warrant the cost. To each their own, eh?

It's all good.

Ethan G.

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iagree I wouldn't pay full price for one either. I'm building mine for less than half the cost of a factory equivalent, so that's nice and it will still be the most expensive rod I'll own.
I cant afford even a 300 hundred dollar rod, and I think buying and building our owe blanks is smart. It sucks when they break because they send you an unfinished blank to replace your old broken one. Then again it keeps your rod building skills on point... There are sacrifices you make when working full time in this industry, but there are also some nice perks that include the best gear available at a good price or even obtainable without money on rewards programs. I wish I could afford to spend that much on a fly rod, but if I made more money and could afford it, I certainly would buy the best american made rods at full retail.

Mike T

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I keep trying to buy cheap but every time I test a number of rods I end up with an expensive one. Funny how that works...

For me it has nothing to do with finish or status. It's simply the "feel" of the rod in my hand. I'll keep trying the cheap rods and one day hope to own a few.


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I have cheap rods and pricey ones, I've built a number of my own, and I'll definitely be taking my Meiser and my Z-Axis to the grave with me, screw the others. Leave the mediocre rods to your heirs.


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I just bought a FLI 5904 for 170 online. I'm not sure how much better the flight or Z-axis is, but with my casting stroke, I doubt that it matters.


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I don't think Sage or probably other companies pay more than $13.50 for their labor after working there for a year or two with experience! I think I have seen advertisements for starting pay at about $11 per hour. I would say they are making a hell of a profit. I think everyone has gotten sucked into the "I need a new model this year" (just like a pair of skis)..... yeah right, I don't think so. I think the continued greed from these companies is going to catch up with them. TIME TO LOWER PRICES I say. My old RPL is doing fine and I probably paid $200. Buy America? Well, I hope so... :hmmm: TIME FOR A SALE......AMERICA!