Pictures of gear caught fish?


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The funny thing is that anytime someone come at you, you come back with how you have been doing it longer and harder than anyone else. I forgot your the man and legend. Anyone that wear a fucking large football ring everyday they fish and make sure to show it off in every photo is someone I will never understand.
Our salmon runs is starting to suck because washington, and california net boats fish out their waters and moved up the coast. Our board of fish is made up of 7 memebers and 5 have commercial ties. Sportsfisherman can win. Our fishery is declining just like your.
Everyone can read your last post and see your caught up with your self and your past. Hey man you should be most people haven't had those live experiences. But I don't give a flying fuck if you went to the fucking superbowl or were the president of the US. In my boat everyone is the same, I don't ask what they do or where they fish. We fish and have a blast doing it.
Numbers and clickers are for guys like you, I have never kept count of fish and never will. Size and numbers means nothing. Thats why the last 3 weeks I have been on the yakima, having fun and enjoying the scenes.
As for as guiding its not my first year gramps, I have 11 years of guiding and have flyfished every year of it. Good fisherman are always try and pushing the envolope. I might look young but I have the experience. You just started guiding and selling out a fishery that the real locals keep a sercet for years. Yeah thats right I heard about you trying to make a film of Hawaii. I have fish hawaii for years so before you start telling me to grow up and learn from you, check around with the the northwest rep ad shop owners and see who they call when the want to fish.
How many casting and flyshing demos have you done, Since high school I have work sportsman shows seminars and taught many people. Hey I was even asked to be in a video for STS magazine.
I am not a weekend warrior and neither are you so let end this dumb battle and grab a drink. Good luck with your company and all your fishing.

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Note to self. No need to ever open this thread again. I was taught to fish with bait as a boy. I learned how to fish with gear and lures. I have chosen to fish with flies. I'll look at whatever pictures I want. Some I will like better than others. Some I won't like at all. Some I won't recognize what is in the photo. All the rest of this is beyond my comprehension on how so many seem to get so upset about their site being polluted. I think Chris already said there are not that many, he won't start a gear gallery and that was that. Apparently that is NOT that? Christ, now I'm too tired to read anything else. My day is ruined.

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Your buddy calls. He offers you a seat to float some OP rivers. He shows up at your house. He has both fly and gear rods in his boat. Do you turn down the invite because of your feelings on gear rods or go because gear rods are ok, just not on your boat?
Stonefish, I would turn them down because my parents have a house on the coast and my dad has a nice aluminum DB and by april I will have a nice wooden DB built by myself for myself.

A lot of you guys are stretching my question. I simply asked why more and more gear caught fish pictures are being posted in the gallery? Thats all.


Hey you guys
OK guys, you did it now and I really hope your all happy!!!!!!!! You just made mumbles serious.

Will we ever laugh again?bawling:bawling:bawling:bawling:bawling:bawling:
If I were to throw a totally random answer out to Jason's question, maybe with less fish, the gear guys are having a bit more sucess and posting pics as a result.

I know on my water, they do have more successs, bouncing through the big pools than I do any day swinging a fly.

I have dabbled with the thought of throwing a spoon now and then when the returns are slow up here in my neck of the woods, and then I wake up.

Just a thought.
I gaurentee you would never see a post like this on any of the "gear" sites. I love flyfishig but according to some of you I don't know what flyfishing is. I fish a bobber and nymph a lot. Wow maybe the site should be changed to Thanks for the good read guys it was entertaining.

Good posts flywaterguides I agree fishing is fishing. Enjoy the Yak its still a little chilly up here to chase bows on the kenai even though we tried:beer2:




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Whoah there Spaz. This is the kind of stuff that people take personal. It just going to insult people if you call gear the "dark side". Accomplishment is what fishing is all about but to each their own regarding your choice of how to fish.

We both know what an accomplishment a steelhead caught the way we do it is and we don't want that belittled, that is fly fishing for winter steelhead. A handicap basically.
Jason, you don't speak tongue in cheek do you:rofl:
oops, sorry, wrong forum...:D

ps, your article's in the mail. I didn't forget, my friend.

guys, guys, cool it. everybody has an opinion, evryone's entitled to it, this whole thing is a non-discussion eh?>>>>move on, dudes.
I can't believe the pompousness of some here. I haven't heard the 'if it's not a dry fly than it isn't a fly' defense for years.

Well, I spent Sunday and Monday on the Chilliwack. I used my 9# Fenwick, a corky and some weight on a sink tip, no float. Two of us caught and released 19 Steelies to 15 lbs. :thumb:

I considered it Fly Fishing. Until today at least. Now I find out I'm a Gear Guy.

Crap, I even have a Fishpond vest and a Simms logo hat. :rolleyes:


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It already is cool, Spaz. Clint asked a logical question. The 9 pages of posts attests to the interest it holds. And after all these posts I learned that a fair number of members don't find any inconsistency in posting some gear caught steelhead on a fly fishing forum. That's a result I wouldn't have expected, so I learned something about this group that I didn't know. And some see no difference between swinging and nymphing, and that's another distinction that wasn't intuitive to me. And the interwebz is all about sharing information and learning . . .


Clint F

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Thanks for all the responces some of you awnsered my questions and some didnt and I think one or 2 just flat out tried to piss me off. I now know a few who are fly only guys and will have to fish with you guys sometime out on the OP. As for this thread I didnt know it was going to quite turn out like this but it was funny to read some things. Thanks guys.

I can't believe the pompousness of some here. I haven't heard the 'if it's not a dry fly than it isn't a fly' defense for years.
It seems saddening to me that when some of us say there is something "different" or "special" about fly fishing and specifically fly caught steelhead we are labeled "pompous" or "elitist" on a clearly named fly fishing website.

Last time I checked, this state had the first fly fishing only river in the world, a legendary river with a legendary run of steelhead. You think that is just because some elitist dipshits wanted to cast bobbers on a wobbly rod instead of a stick with a coffee grinder attached to it?

That is basically what I take from the current fly fishing culture of tie anything to your fly rod to catch a fish.

Get real guys!

And remember this isn't about judgment or what is right or wrong. This is about what is fly fishing. And if you don't care, than you don't care. But maybe you shouldn't fish Pass Lake or the Stilly in the summertime because they are just for us elitist assholes.
I never used the words Elitist or Assholes. I said pompous and that is how I perceive the Dry Fly or Die crowd. I know God didn't put sink tips on Fly Line but I'm pretty sure Orvis and Hardy do. I can't see the difference between a corky and a foam grasshopper but if you can you have have my respect.

pompous  –adjective
1. characterized by an ostentatious display of dignity or importance: a pompous minor official.
2. ostentatiously lofty or high-flown: a pompous speech.
3. characterized by pomp, stately splendor, or magnificence.

elitism n.

1.The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

2.The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.