Pattern A Few Wets From Todays Tying Session

Finally starting to beat the tying blahs. Heres a few wet flies that have worked well for me.

Pritt's Water Cricket, Orange Silk ribbed with black silk, starling hackle.

Snipe and Purple, Purple Silk, ribbed with silver wire, snipe hackle.

Pritt's Water Cricket, Primrose Silk ribbed with black silk, starling hackle. Really good when BWO's are about.

Claret and Starling, Claret silk, silver wire ribbing, Starling Hackle.

All of the spiders above are tied on Daiichi 1640 2 X Short, size 14 light wire hooks.

Olive Flymph, Rabbit dubbing, dun hen hackle for tail and hackle.

Grey Squirrel Flymph Grey Squirrel body hair as dubbing with a touch of clear SLF, copper wire rib, dun hen hackle for tail and hackle.

Both flymphs are tied on Mustad 94842. The turned up eye on these dry fly hooks just looks right to me.

Blue Eared Pheasant herl body, red wire rib, dun hen hackle. Tied on a Grip 14723 size 14 hook.

Pheasant Tail and Furnace, PT fibers, copper wire rib, furnace hen hackle.

Thanks for looking.

Ed Call

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Ron, great looking flies and photography as usual. Thanks for including the materials list as you always do so hacks can try to live up to what you've shared with us.

Ed Call

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Ron, you are welcome. Warning, beware of generalizations, I'll prove to be that newbie not so tying good exception. Just ask those that get my flies in swaps. I always get much more than I give in those swaps. I'll keep tying though. Thanks again for you continual sharing of your ties. I've got a bunch of them saved in my files to try to model them for myself.
The grey squirrel flymph and furnace pt ROCK - I mean, they are all awesome, I just look at those two and go "um, those have a place in my box for sure."

Oh, and Ed your deceiver from the swap is awesome. I haven't hit the light conditions and so on that have made me want to fish it, but it's gonna get salty soon.
Those are some of the nicest flies I've laid eyes on, it's refreshing to see some nice SH instead of the big meat flies.

Nicely done!

+1 on the soft hackles. Nice ties and nice pics.

Thanks for posting. If my ole fingers would work correctly, I would rush down to the tying room and run off a few.

Cabin fever and it is only October.