Trailer Project.... Some before and "in work" pics

None of my business really but ..... FYI, the state of Washington does not allow safety chains to be welded on home built trailers. They have to be bolted on. If you need to have the trailer inspect and retitled this may be a problem. If you already have a good title your set.

Looks good
good call bfic, i did not know about that and didnt think to look into the laws. i can make it weld tabs on the top and bottom of it and bolt through it so it will be secretly welded and bolted.
I went thru inspection with my old drifter trailer a few years ago as it came from montana, the land of "why are you at the dmv? go fish idiot!" apparently, it didn't require a license there or title there. It is also set up with chains to welds. The boat was on the trailer. I mention this because the inspector thought she was the 2nd prettiest boat he or she had ever seen come thru, damnit, who's 1st? :p The inspector mentioned the welds to me as it is a requirement, but did not fail me on the inspection. He or she did reinforce to me to bolt on as the strength is significantly better than a weld. He or she also did not ding me for the lack of side trailer lights which were also mentioned but not written up. It took over 30 days, it may have been 60, from the time I scheduled the inspection and my appointment day - it aint no drive thru in that regard, appointment only, and I bet you need one to re-title it, so call sooner rather than later and request your spot in line.

Well, I just have to change owners, It has a title and after calling htem yesterday, I just need to bring it to any DOL. As far as bolt on chains being stronger than weld on clevis mounts, I call B.S. on that one, But the DMV and I can agree to disagree.
You guys have it rough. I made a combo trailer last spring, drift boat with removable raft bunks. Anyhow, I paid $5 for a vin number, and stamped it in the trailer. Had a police officer stop by that afternoon and verify the stamped number matched the paper. Drove to the courthouse and bought a permanent license for $80. Never checked chains, hitch, lights... etc.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Damned you JC. I'm gonna ban yer' ass now!!!!!

Why you may ask? Because now I want to redo my driftboat trailer now. You bastard! LOL

I actually did a quick cleanup of mine a few years back when I was off hurt. But was more a remove the rust and reshoot. But didn't do what I wanted to do with it. Which included sanding whole thing down, reshooting, covering key areas with diamond plating, and replacing the fenders. At the time, was off hurt, so income was low (and not there when I was fighting L&I), so couldn't afford to do what I wanted. I'm in process of rebuilding the boat (which won't be done before the Hoh trip, so will have to put key parts back together to fish out of it), so once I pull the boat off to do the bottom, could rip the trailer apart and redo it. DAMNED YOU!!

BTW, doing a great job on the trailer. One big mod I'm going to do to my trailer is change it to a flatbed. That way I can back the boat off and use it as a toon carrier or multipurpose flatbed.
Jerry, I've been considering mounting a few rollers on my flatbed. Although my 67 Hewes is only 12', with the woodwork and a gas motor on it I have to really bust my ass on shallow launches... More than I *should* be doing with my reasonably healed disc injury. You got me thinking, it really is nice having a flatbed, I wonder now about whether there is a nice secure way to mount up a few rollers that can then easily be removed for flat bed use and put back on for boat trailer use... hmmm :hmmm:

Jerry Daschofsky

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Jim, it's not hard to do. Mine simply bolt on with long bolts. Just a few holes drilled in through the rear cross brace of your trailer and it's easy on/off. Mine have a bushing that fits on them to snug up against the rear cross brace of my trailer. For me, it's pretty simple. Just undo 4 bolts and off it comes. So my big thing would simply be to add an actual frame for the plywood to bolt to and add longer bolts for the rollers and I'm good to go.

If you need pics Jim, I could get a few this weekend to see what I mean on the rollers. Mine came with the trailer of course, but doubt it would be hard to find a set either through Don Hill or any other boat manufacturer (or maybe Sportco has them even).

Jerry Daschofsky

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No Problem Jim. It works great. It's actually the way my trailer was made. It's an old EZ loader drift boat trailer. So won't take much to just lift off the rollers and add the plywood.
here at Calderon-Strand enterprises we believe bolts are for girls! Weld or die! hahah J/k Actually thats a sweet idea. And Jerry, I am adding a formed peice of 1/2 inch marine plywood covered in all weather carpet to the trailer, to form a redneck flatbed. That was in the original plans, but i dont think i mentioned it in the previous posts. I will take more pics tonight as the trailer project come to a close. Wait till you see the taillights i got!
I'm just gonna add three keel-rollers to mine and put some slick carpet on the boards that are already on it as guides... should do the trick - it just sorta sticks to the wood and is hard to get centered on the current flatbed setup. The keel-rollers are on their way from West Marine, should be here tomorrow.