NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

NFR: How do you Conceal your firearm when fishing?

For those of you who CONCEAL heat, what is the most effective way to carry in waders,vest,etc?

I've seen pictures of dudes with chest holsters for their 44mag in AK, but how bout here in Washington?

Pics would be a plus!

Thanks! :thumb:

Jerry Daschofsky

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Just toss that M4's sling around your back. Show them you mean business.

Actually, I have a Navy Seals assault floatation vest I use for my pontoon fishing vest (it'll be at the Hoh event). No, I don't use it because it looks cool (which it does lol). But is functional. Has a good fit, lots of arm movement, floats with a heavy load on it (meant to carry grenades, full assault gear, and float the person), and lots of pockets to carry gear and camelback. BUT, they have a Coast Guard version that has a holster for the 92F out front. So you can kick out your spey rod, while thumbing the clip of your Beretta. LOL.

Ok, I DO NOT condone gun harassment. But I laughed at Charles response. I had a photoshopped version of my 16' cataraft that had a 50 cal mounted with rocket launchers mounted to the tubes. I had mentioned it as a joke and one of the computer gurus made it for me. Wish I had backed it up in a file before my last computer crashed.

And no, I don't carry usually.


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I use a sling because I like to carry firearms that can actually stop a bear

(actually I am not a huge wuss and I don't carry anything while fishing most places)
I use a sling because I like to carry firearms that can actually stop a bear

(actually I am not a huge wuss and I don't carry anything while fishing most places)
Heck, I carry a small two shot .22 cal derringer in my jacket pocket. Its small, light weight and ammo is cheap when I am fishing around bear country. I feel safe!!!!! I shoot my buddy in both of his knees and run like hell!!!!!!!Works every time!!

Sorry just had too!

This product is the "end all, be all" in fishing holsters. Even has a velcro fly patch on it, and a zinger This particular set up is for a ruger alaskan, a very powerfull snubby revolver chambered in .454 cassul or .44 mag. If you do enough research yuo can find the company that manufactures this holster for ruger, they make the same outfit for automatics as well. Definitely watch the "product video" assiciated with this holster as you can tell its designed around wearing waders.

There is also another outfit called "grizzly tough" holsters. You might check them out.
By the way, I was going to buy that super redhawk alaskan, and the holster, untill my jeep blew up, if i see someone on the river wearing it, I may be hurt beyond repair, however, I know this is the right thing to do. LOL

Mike T

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It really depends on the type fishing and hiking you'd be doing, whether concealment is a consideration, etc. One rule of thumb if you're wading a lot is to stay away from leather, if it gets wet it won't readily dry. A thumb break is a needed if you're clambering over rocks or downed trees. What would you be carrying?


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Up on the Skagit your buddies better be carrying also. If you need a weapon it will more then likely be to defend yourself from meth lab operators and they are going to be armed up pretty good. Your 6 shot revolver or 9 auto ain't going to cut it. Better have a couple of 8 shot 12s with some #4 buck in them for this kind of work. The other threat would be the occaisional sled with 3 or 4 bubbas in it. You can tell which sled I am talking about because at least one guy is going to have on a red plaid hunting shirt. Anyway, every guy in the boat will be armed and the boat itself will likely carry at least one 270 or a 12. Once again you are severely under gunned with you 44 wheel. So take some armed friends along if you think there is any chance of getting into an upriver fire fight.
I was at the tailout below the Elbow on the NF Stilly years ago and ran into a well known steelheader. Actually has written some books. I noticed he was wearing a gun. I asked him what the hell he was wearing it for, laughing as I asked him. You know kind of silly like. He mentioned something about Army infrantry or some thing and "protection". I then asked him if he knew what the 21 foot rule was. We were taught at one of the SF schools I attended that if a man is 21 feet or less away from you and you have a holstered weapon it is impossible to get the weapon unholstered and out to defend youself if the guy rushes you as fast as he can with bad intentions. Now the exeception to the rule is of if you are well trained and pretty strong and understand the concepts and applications of weapons retention. He asked me what the hell I was talking about. I then broke it down and told him that what that means is that the gun looked really "cool":rolleyes: but that anybody who wanted to could shove it right up his ass before he got the stupid thing out and used it for whatever reason. He walked away redfaced. I walked away laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. Coach

David Loy

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Fortunately, Washington is a "shall issue" state so unless you have a "history" (felony conviction or spousal abuse), obtaining a CWP is not difficult.