Biggest fear while out fishing?

Mumble's put your clothes back on before you start posting away!!:D

Sorry, but at first glance it looks like now your most recent cgi version of yourself just got out of the shower.:clown:


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Finding a body. My home water is the Spokane river and Long lake/lake Spokane, seems like finding a body in that water is a fishing season tradition! Lucky for me I haven't yet.


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What I fear:

When I am up fishing some remote stream in the mountains, the thought of breaking my leg or foot. I'm usually alone, so there is no way for me to get out and get help.bawling:

Meeting up with a big ol' mamma bear and her cubs, I've done that on the upper Cascade.

Running into Mumbles after he looses a bet.:eek:
-Note to self: If ever out fishing with Mumbles, don't make a bet.


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Discovering a leak (waders or pontoon)
On unfamiliar waters, recognizing the take out

As for being killed by a mother bear in YNP on a cold October day, what a way to be remembered! I always tell my kids if I die remember I was doing what I loved. I just hope she (the bear) has the courtesy to kill me after I've fished for the day.
Up until I'm actually fishing: I'm worry that I forgot something important (rod, reel, boots, license, flies..).

Once I find I have all I need and I'm actually fishing, the only thing I worry about is theft/vandalism of the car.. it really ticks me off that I have to worry about anything while I'm fishing, so I doubly despise thieves.