Lenice 3/21, 22

The water is still pretty chilly, but the fish are biting. If you know what you are doing, you'll catch fish, if you are still learning, it may be tough. Saturday I got squat! and Sunday I had a hard take on a discomatic Hale Bopp that got away (I can has was eeting a cookie), and almost to the net nice shiny diploid RB on a dinky reddish chronnie with a tungsten head. It was what everyone else was doing, only not as effectively. Nice fish though, in the low 20s.

My lame excuse for not netting that RB: I tired her out, was rolling, but when I went to take her in the net, I used the same technique I use on a float tube, grabbed the line just above the fish, and she took off with my fly. Larry was right there and held his tongue as I goofed the take. I was already a bit discombobulated, and he didn't want to add to that. I was in a different boat! and damn it all that I could *not* net that fish.

Then I had to go home--work tonight. The good news, I'm back next weekend, and my "coach" Larry will still be there too. I *will* catch a fish on a chronomid next weekend, if it's the last thing I ever do!
Congrats on at least getting one on. I am having a hard time getting them to hit, while others are bringing over a dozen to hand using this technique. Driving me nuts!! I go back to my old standby flies and by then they dont work either. Bad Karma or something. Nice to have a coach to show you techniques.

Ed Call

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Every fish I catch leaves me discombobulated. Maybe when I think I know what I'm doing I won't be caught by surprise so easily. My recent trip to a lowland lake found warmer water than I expected, about 48*. Great report, hope you get back at it soon.

Scott Salzer

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I hit a few fish on Friday. Did better on Sat., with 15-20 in the net. Sunday was a tad slower for me. Best succes was on bigger green stuff - zonkers, WB's, even damsels. Couldn't find the right bug to hang under a bobber but did manage to get a few that way.

Nice to hook up with others I have met in the past and meet some new people.

It's only going to get better!

As I been keeping track of the Lenice reports. (15-20 to the net)
It seems that all the fish have been caught at least once in the last two weeks, which would explain why some folks aren't catching to many or any.
Just my .02

Dale Dennis

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I too was there over the weekend and my observations are that 15 – 20 was not the average. In our group and others, average was closer to 6 to 8 with the best being a dozen + and many of us are seasoned fly anglers. With the water temps hovering at 46 deg’s mid day it was evident that many were just coming out of winter doldrums as some were somewhat lethargic for there size. With only one brown of 25” and a splattering of new plant tigers with the rest being bows. Chironomid hatches were almost non existent but got better as the week progressed but still not like past years at this time and there was very little consistency to fly pattern or presentation. The lake is just now waking up as far as hatches go with the temps finally getting into the 50’s and 60’s. Lenice should be alive with activity in the next few days.


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I fished it a half day Sunday morning and netted 6, 3 LDR's and missed about another four or five hits. Surface water temp 44 and water somewhat murky, maybe from turnover or possibly the high number of water craft on the water. Water's cold and bloodworms or chironmids in about 6-12' of water seemed to find a sporatic fish. Caught a few with a very slow stripping micro bugger near the bottom. All the fish looked fat and healthy with many taking long charging runs, others fighting kind of lethargic. Lots of lake pressure, so bring patience and be willing to share the lake's experience with other winter starved flyfishermen.
Thanks guys for adding some useful info to my report. I forgot to bring a thermometer but 44 might explain why my paws got a little cold--definitely going to do 2x pair sox next w/e. Great to meet Scott and Double D and a bunch of other guys--Larry's soup feed always brings out a lot of really neat guys. I wish they'd bring their wives along though--Larry's wife Jeanne and I were the only female types in the crowd.

Scott Salzer

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Great to meet you too. Hope you're doing better.

As for the spouse, she just wouldn't appreciate the wonder of the sage, sand, snakes, ticks, scorpions (none of which are out yet) like I do...... Beside she has too much school work and is only happy for me to be gone, and I am pleased to oblige.

I'm surprised no one mentioned the awful wind on Sunday afternoon. I got up to Nunally on Sunday about 2:30 pm. A friend and I packed our float tube on in, almost flying away in the wind. I was able to push out about 30 yards against the wind and whitecaps. The water was splashing over the back of the tube and into my waders. I fished about 20 minutes, landing a healthy RB about 16-18 inches, before my legs gave out. Spent the rest of the afternoon hiking the desert looking for other lakes in the area.


Scott Salzer

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I didn't mention it cause I missed it. Fished early on Sunday and left the lot about the time the "dub" picked up. The only other option, that might have been a little better protected, would have been Merry. Don't have any idea how it is fishing. I know it didn't fish well at one point last year.

Yep, I'll miss that cat with the spiked collar.