Losing access to Puget Sound beaches

Kim Hampton

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Yeah, it is a shame. I get tired of people, (and I’ll blame the right-wing conservatives), always quacking negatively about “big government” when they forget about the good services that people need and what they use as well such as parks, etc. So, because parks always take it in the shorts when there are budget cuts, they end up hanging by a thread, and now we have this. SORRY CLOSED. :beathead:
Yep blame the right-wing. Huh? Lets see the state has been on the left like forever. Seems like just recently the states left-wing governor was saying during her campaign "We don't have a budget problem". Yep it's the rights fault. Give me a F'ing break. Get off the blame game and try to work on the actual problem instead.

Chester Allen

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This is not a good situation for anybody, and I'm pretty sure we could swab the blame around on just about everyone in Olympia.
Yet, it seems like many of the people who have contributed to this thread are discussing possible solutions.
I would happpily embrace a good solution from Republicans, Democrats or the kids at the local elementary school.
Right now, the only possible way to keep parks open is to pay that $5 fee at vehicle registration time -- or donate some money to parks. I'm writing about both of those options in my Tuesday column in the Olympian and my own blog.
I just don't want to see our parks fall apart. Here in South Sound, they're the main access for Puget Sound beach fishing. But I use state parks all the time -- when I'm surfing, clamming and fishing at the coast, fishing for smallmouth bass on the Columbia River or catching a mess of bluegills at Millersylvania State Park.


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It makes no sense to close the parks that are near the urban areas. Let's hope the priority list gets a close look at. I would rather see some money cut from roads than from parks. If you have driven around the country, I think you would agree Washington State has some of the "best" roads. I think we could sacrifice a few "repave" jobs for a couple of years, and push the money towards keeping the parks open. Maybe AIG has a few extra bucks floating around also! :D
Great topic Chester to get the board thinking and agitated all at the same time! As a state employee I know times are very lean with $$$$....but the parks belong to us all and we should not be denied access to them. That being said, the parks and public safety I would gladly pay a tax for, if I knew it went there and not the general fund.
This state is getting $225 million on stimulus funds from Obama et al...

Most will go to the military to monitor power usage, build docks, improve water distribution systems and build training facilities. Amtrack, which should be self funded but never has been, will get $35 million and Public housing will get $40 million.

It seems to me there should be a few million somewhare to keep the parks open, save the jobs there and provide continued low cost enjoyment for local residents who are not going to be traveling as much on vacations and days off.

Oh, I forget... there are more votes available in the military, train transportation and low income housing than there are in a few picknickers and fishermen.
Unfortunately, with budgets proposed by the senate and house that call for nearly a billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) in cuts to education, it's hard to make a case for keeping all of our parks open. I'd like to see our parks kept open too, but I would much rather make sure we are able to maintain our educational system; our future depends on it in a way that almost nothing else provided by the state does.
i my self attend school on a regular basis and we all get enough education and not as much beach access
if they really wanted to pay more for education then they would stop building new schools!
lynnwood high school is being built much bigger then the old one and they are gonna build a new alderwood middle school in the next couple of years
if the really wanted a better education then they should spend that money on text books and what not instead of new buildings.
and it would be a lot cheaper so they could still keep the parks open.


Chester Allen

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I really value education -- I paid for my own education at the University of Oregon and I'm currently paying for my daughter's education at Portland State University. I've also been an education reporter for a good chunk of my journalism career -- from 1993 through 1998.

I've also voted for every education levy and bond that appeared on my ballot.

Yet, this is not pitting schools vs. parks. The budgets call for an opt-out box on vehicle license tab renewal forms. You would have to check a box to NOT pay an additional $5 a year, which would go to parks. Budget writers estimate that parks would not have to close any parks if 40 percent of people renewing their licenses don't check the box.

Yeah, this sounds complicated and weird, but $5 a year to keep parks open is a bargain. It's less than 2 cents a day. I donated $20 to the state parks foundation on Monday to walk the talk.

Parks are a place for all of us to enjoy the outdoors, and they are portals to Puget Sound beaches.
Left or right, it really doesn't matter. What we need to do is get recreational funds of every kind removed from the General Fund, the great black hole full of money that our lawmakers love to wallow around in and spend. If we would get all recreational funds targeted to recreation (fishing, hunting, state parks, trails, boating, etc.), most of these problems would be eliminated.
Just my 2-cents.


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think Les hit the nail on the head

If you need a liscense to pick seaweed (and you do now)
seems like the money should go to promote seaweed growth

Chester Allen

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This is a terrible, obnoxious situation -- the very idea that we have to fight so hard to preserve public access to Puget Sound fisheries makes me mad. That said, checking that license tabs box this year or donating $5 or so to the Washington State Parks Foundation and calling the Legislature is something we've just gotta do.

I babble on in more detail about all this on my blog. Thanks for listening.
I hate to blame this all on the right wingers. The spending on the way up and now the cuts on the way down is a democratic show in this state, 100%. I was listening to the Dave Ross show the other day and he thinks it's a political ploy to have an income tax. I think he supports that and I think he is right.

He interviewed a state senetor from Medina and asked what the Republicans wanted to cut. The senetor said the cuts were put together in closed door meetings. Not good. Dave asked a senetor from Spokane how he would expain these cuts when this new budget with all its cuts was still 2 billion more than the budget just two years ago. The answer was higher health care costs.

It looks like politics is alive and well here. :beathead:
Sounds like you can still walk in, you just can't drive in. How is that closing off access?
Welllll....ya just might wanna think about that one for awhile, Marty............

How much parking do you think will be available on neighborhood streets or other public streets, roads & hiways ajacent to the parks?

How about old geezers like "yours truly" (me) that can't walk very far anymore?

How about disabled folks that maybe can't "walk" anywhere anymore but can currently enjoy many of the parks from their walkers, crutches, canes, one-legged scooters & wheelchairs?

Oh yeah, and then there's that pesky old problem of, "Who & what the hell were the parks created for in the first place?"

Oh, I know....we should all just use public transportation, right? :rolleyes:

I think this is an issue that is worthy of more serious consideration on your part Marty! I've read your other posts on various topics and usually find no fault with your opinions - you're entitled to them!

....but then perhaps I'm wrong, maybe it was just a "tongue 'n cheek" remark designed to elicit a response!;)


I commend you for walking the talk. I don't think it's fair to put the burden on the motorists to keep the parks afloat. I think the opt-out is a cowardly option from the legislature to raise funds. Put a vote to the people or have all users pay an entrance fee similar (method, not amount) to how the National Parks do it.