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Have no problem mentioning "secret" lakes like Beda. Fish it often and as mentioned in a previous post poachers do not log into WFF to find the most recent secret spot. Some people on here seem to think only they should have access to certain lakes. I am all about scouting and doing homework to find a good fishing area but none of these lakes discussed on here are secret. I would rather have more law abiding fly/gear fishermen at a lake to see and report poachers than a few fly fishermen on a a lake 1-2 days a week and poachers taking advantage the other days. Less people = more opportunities for poachers. People breaking the law do not want other people around when they do this.

If you see someone poaching, even if you don't have phone service, go up to them and say you are calling the police. ( I have done this many many times over the years and it has always worked). I see this all of the time on East side lakes . When I fish lakes ( Dusty, Beda, Coffee Pot, Lenice, Lenore) and I often see guys bait fishing. Funny thing is there are usually 1/2 doz other guys fly fishing on the lake already and they just ignore them and won't do anything about. Have to take a more proactive role to protect the few selective gear lakes that we have guys. If you see people walking into a lake with 1/2 oz egg sinkers and treble hooks chances are they will be poaching. Go up to them and tell them it is illegal.

Same goes for tweekers hanging around parking areas near lakes. Go up to them and let them know that you see them.
The past few years I take pictures of "'suspicious" looking people and their vehicles. If they don't have fishing gear I consider them to be a perp. They get really nervous when they see someone taking their picture and usually leave in a hurry.


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Forgot to metion:

Kudos to trout123z for trying to do something about the poaching. More guys have to start doing this in this state. If you are uncomfortable and alone try and find another fisherman to go up to people poaching when you speak to them. Everyone knows now cell phones can take photos and send text messages. When you approach just hold up cell phone and say you took photo and sent to Game Warden/ Police. Works great.


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I was the last boat off the water at Lenice last Saturday and I saw there were three or four guys at the east end of the lake goofing around. I'm assuming they were fishing but I couldn't tell from where I was. They were having a good time and laughing, though. They were there for two or three hours before nightfall, and were still there when I left at dusk. What kind of bothered me, though, was leaving my tube and gear at the shore, which is what I normally do. So, I took most of the fly boxes, spare reels, spools, etc., and left only the net. I'm glad I did after reading this thread about Nunally. By the way, I carry a little waterproof digital camera around me neck when I'm fishing and if I see something weird I take a photo. A few years ago I saw a suspicious guy at Beda who I thought might be a poacher. I snapped a photo of his rig with the plate number.

I did the same thing at Omak last spring. Guy in a red truck seemed to be loitering near the launch where I had my vehicle parked and we were the only ones on the north end of the lake that day. I have a pretty good digital SLR with a telephoto lens, so I snapped a couple of pictures from well out on the lake. Nothing happened, but I checked out the photos when I got home and I managed to get his entire license plate number and a profile of his face that would have been reasonable for a WANTED poster. Almost wish he would have tried something.....
Is it not legal to fish Nun,Mary, and Lenice with spinning gear, single barbless hooks? I think it is but not absolutely sure. It does not say "fly fishing only" just selective gear.

I saw several spin fishermen at Lenice this past weekend and most were white. I did see some bait fishermen and they were, white, black, and latino.

And I would like to say to all fly fishermen, if your fish is bleeding keep that damned thing, your suppose to. Don't let it go to the bottom and turn belly up or float off someplace! I haven't eaten a trout in thirty plus years, but I did bring home two this past weekend and gave them away because they were going to die anyhow! There were two of us, three days fishing, so were weren't stocking up.

I didn't advertise I had them because I didn't want to get in a pissing match with someone who wouldn't stand a chance. I carry a big gun and more knowledge than I can use legally. I hate conflicts. :beathead:

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Jerry - yes, it is selective you're correct. I, too, have seen people spin fishing successfully from the bank on all three of these lakes with what appeared at a reasonable distance to be correct gear. You're totally right man.

But if you see that they're casting and letting it sink and then waiting and bullshitting and so on, then they're either fishing bait or mentally challenged so it might be worth a closer look. I, too, am not fond of conflict - but when I feel that a resource close to my heart is being threatened by the ignorant (giving the benefit of the doubt) I am compelled to do what can be done given the conditions. In my experience producing a cellphone and making it clear (from a fair distance) that you're calling the authorities the reaction I've seen repeatedly is to pack up their shit and leave.

I hate it when I find myself in that spot, it's often been when I'm alone on a lake with the exception of the perps that outnumber me. Maybe I'm just askin' for trouble but like I said, feel compelled.
I was at Beda last week, fishing was off, a bit windy, but still managed to land a few. I did see quite a number of dead fish while kicking out to the main lake. While I didnt see any hispanics poaching I saw some guys keeping fish. I did mention to them it was a one fish limit lake, but the group of four guys fishing didnt seem to care. In fact they got a little aggitated at me, since there were four of them and one of me I backed off. I'm sure by the carton of worms they had with them they didnt care about the lake regulations anyway. I know some people try to claim ignorance of the law, but that is still no excuse. The regulations are printed in black and white for everyone to read. I'm sure they even have a spanish version of it somewhere for the hispanics who claim to be ignorant of the law also. No telling how many times the guys I saw at Beda that day had fished it in the last couple of weeks taking as many fish as they like, they looked like locals. Its just sad to see our excellent lakes get hammered by people who have no respect for rules and regulations.

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i'll ask the same question to you as the first poster: did you call the law??????

it's great that we talk and swap ideas here (and i don't want to discourage that), but we also need to take action out there -- or it will not get better. and will likely get worse per the economy.

that said, i've seen suspected poachers on nunally and did not call (years ago ... before cell phones). but after hearing how widespread it is, i would now.
:iagree: Call the law - but do it safely. Play cool like okay no sweat man and leave get your shit together to your vehicle and be ready to bail before you dial that phone. The example I was talking about was like: those migrant workers sure the hell aren't packin' and I'm in a float tube at Lenice watching them bucket fish. I do have 1 bar of service but see no need to use it as they deposited the fish in the water which I revived (diff't story) BUT - that's the difference - I wasn't confronting the three dudes on land face to face. Be careful. And tight lines.

Edit: I did worry about my truck the rest of the time I fished - but given how fast they gtfo of there when I mentioned the "Pohhhh-leeeeessssss" I figured it was probly okay.
Yep it's a big time problem/issue,now days my group don't even call after a wonderful day at dry falls a few yrs back,four of us watched 2 guys in a boat with bait fill two 5gal. get ready for this we counted the exact amount of fish taken,there was four of us my buddie,his dad my dad and me..4 witnesses,I called it in after the limit was reached we all told'm we called didn't bother them,2hrs go by no warden,no police,so we all pack up and wait for them to come in,chated a bit they had coats over the buckets and said they only kept a limit each.Right, so we followed them out right to there camp site at the park I got the ranger and told him about it,he took my name and where I was stay'n and called it in.Around 8:30 that night the warden showed up at the room 4hrs later and told me he and the ranger found them coming off park lake with a legal days limit and also seen all the other fish they had from earlier that day,gave them a harsh verbal warning,due to he didn't want to ruin there this all took place on fri. and they told him they got there early that morning...So my ? to him was what about overlimit and possesion? He just look'd at me and said it's my decision and that's it.I just grabbed a beer and said wow nice support and went in the room. ALL we do know is worry about what we are doing..hows that for ya...
:beathead: Yeah, that's why you went to the effort, so they'd get a little slap on the wrist, right? Sorry to hear that man. I have a lot of respect for wdfw officers doing a damned dangerous job and find it kinda hard to second guess their calls in the field - I wasn't there - but I would have hoped for the jackasses getting a ticket too.