Fishing Fiberglass?


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You guys are going to bid up the prices on my favorite rods.
Actually, if you look at the highest prices paid for vintage glass rods, they're all on Fleabay and being bid up by Japanese buyers. Soooooo many Russ Peaks, Winstons, Fenwicks, Claudios, etc. have wound up on the other side of the Pacific. Glass is seriously hot in Japan.


Joe Streamer
I just bought a fiberglass from Prairie Drifter Rods. He does Lamiglas and e-glass. The one I got is a 7' 5weight and I love it. The price is 150.00 for the standard, and it goes up from there. He will work with you and the customer service is the best. I was so impressed, that I have ordered one of his 4 sided bamboo. If you are interested google Prairie Drifter Rods. Hope this helps!! If you have any question please P.M. me.
Hey, me too! My Lami is actually a Lami blank built out by Prairie Drifter (guy named Mike). He custom cut a 7'3" 3-piece 4wt for me that is fantastic. You can see it at his website photo gallery here, middle and botom of page 2 of the gallery:


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You guys are going to bid up the prices on my favorite rods. I guess it is good I have a good selection already. For everyday fishing there isn't anything sweeter when considering action, durability, and price. My favorites are old Fenwicks and most any Lamiglas though there are many others just as sweet.

ha... that's exactly what I thought last night... We probably should stop talking about it... :clown: and there are no such fiberglass forum out there....
It's heart breaking that get "sniped" more and more often on ebay ...


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I only have 2 graphite rods that I fish with anymore, my Winston WT 9-5wt, and a Rainshadow switch. All the rest of my fishing I use fiberglass and bamboo. Realized now after 40 years of flyfishing that I like slow instead of fast. The good glass rods on Ebay are getting pricey, Fenwicks in minty shape going for hundreds of dollars, and forget the good Phillipsons. There's one now on auction at Ebay, high bid is already over 300 dollars and the guy's reserve price hasn't even been met yet. Almost put a absurd high bid on it, and then started thinking that for possibly a few dollars more I can have a brand new rod from McFarland made, so monday morning I'll be calling him. Probably only a small handful of outfits make glass rods anymore. Mark Steffen actually rolls his own blanks and does a good job at it too. McFarland rods are masterpieces. Not sure if he makes his own blanks though, but he does design the tapers. Not real sure how many glass rods I have now seems like I pick one up every other week. Still I'd like to add a couple of Phillipson's and a Berkley parametric or two. Just as well throw in a Fenwick 705 and a 765. Garcia Fibertouch rods are nice too, wouldn't mind getting a couple more of them. While I'm at it a couple more Browning Silaflex rods too.
Was reading thru another thread and seems there is some interest in fishing with glass. I might be one of them. Whats it like? How do they roll cast? I have cast bamboo and the tip was soft but it had backbone to it. What is a good inexpensive rod? How about the Steffen rod? I went the the company's web site but no pics of the rods.

I have a Steffen 8' 5/ casts soooo it's got more backbone than any 5 or 6 wt. graphite that I own...not to mention that it's really light in hand...negatives? none.

There are three rods I use for trout: Pope bamboo (8'), Steffen S-glass (8'), Wonderod 1290 (7'9")...notice the absence of graphite...the only thing it's good for is distance...not necessary for trout fishing (if you think it is, you're not 'fishing', you're 'casting')

oh, give Mark Steffen a call and he'll work with you on what will fit your needs the best. He also rolls his own blanks.

Mike McFarland also makes some seriously sweet casting rods...I'm not sure if he does his own blanks though.


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McFarland sources his blanks from a third party though he is said to carefully spec each piece for his tapers. He won't say who makes his blanks though.


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there are definitely getting to be more folks fishing fiberglass again. i just got a kurt gowdy series para/metric from F.D. Lyons and man is it a pleasure to cast. like yuhina said, there are places i only use graphite, but i mostly fish fiberglass. they protect light tippets, load easily at very close distances, roll cast like crazy, and make our mnative cutthroats seem much bigger than they are. browning silaflex, diamondglass, fenwick, mcfarland, phillipson, berkley para/metrics and system rods (fisher blanks), are among my favorites.