How Many Winter-Run Steelhead???

I was just wondering how everyone's success has been this season for winter steelhead. Approximately how many days on the river, and how many fish were brought to hand during that time? Not looking for anyone's secrets to success, just curious to see how all of you have done.


Trips to the river since December: 3 per week, average
Fish to Hand: 0 (one grab in beginning of February)

(Let's try to keep the NFR stuff out of this one)


Ed Call

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Ben, great thread. I have pondered posting this one for some time. I have fished for steelhead ten days. I have had one solid take, one hooked and one landed (all the same fish). Hatchery hen on the Elwah in a nice stretch that I've fished for silvers in years past. She was small, but chrome bright and got some stone shampoo. That made nine other days of beautiful scenery and casting practice. Some spent with quality WFF members, some spent pleasantly alone.


Damn....If you can can count early season (fall) two...this year 09 one...a couple takes or swirls....Fished hard early...have been pretty burnt lately, though this is probably the best time..mojo isn't flowing for me at the moment..

But I will say at least the ones I have gotten have been memorable...

Believe me this ain't diddly compared to some I know!!! bawling:

Jerry Daschofsky

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I really don't keep count of days or fish anymore. Have a pretty good log that my Dad has kept that dates back from the 60's until about the 90's. I just go out to fish anymore, don't care about the numbers. But have had about 15 or so to hand (gear and fly) and about twice as many days fishing (give or take).


AKA Joe Willauer
5 days (6 if you count a blown out day on the duc), 1 hooked and lost. in those six days i watched my buddies hook another 6 between us.


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Anywhere from 2-7 days a week (depending on desparation to actually hook a steelhead this year). I stopped med Feb. for sturgeon (I think). Only had had one hit (sorta), this was on the opening day (for everyone). It was on the Cascade, I saw two nice chromers just chillin out, so I crept up the river about 30 feet or so and casted out and let my fly drift down to them. The bigger one charged it like a freight train, the day was about to be awsome, and then my buddy got exited (really exited) and jumped towards the water edge and pointed over the fish while yelling "IT'S GONNA BITE, IT'S GONNA BITE". Well needless to say the fish turned tail and ran, my buddy was about one hair strand from walking home, but I ain't that mean.:rolleyes::D That was it all season.
My goal this winter was to cover a lot of ground, rather then stick to the local fisheries that I have beaten over and over again for the last several years. I fished as far South as the Siletz in Oregon all the way up North to the Skagit and Sauk with many days on Portland Metro area, SWW and OP rivers as well. I did not catch fish in all of the new fisheries I fished, but I did in several and learned a bunch in the process. The best part of the season was the end. Most of my boys did not start hitting fish until late March and it has not stopped since. My last three outting I am 3/5 with the spey and the two fished lost were at my feet. One of the landed fish was an 09 summer and a great way to switch seasons.

I spend around 25 days on the river with a few part days on the river here and there as well. December before the ice and March-Early April were the best months.