Swap Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap


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Hey Mumbles-- fun idea...I think as the list of people grows it'll become tougher to get everyone's schedules to match up...but what the heck! Count me in.


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if this is going to be a Kitsap get together i am in. Seems like Voodiez wouldnt be a bad place seeing as we already have a few of the group that meets there...

Ed Call

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No worries Daryle.

Big E, we'll wrap this one about a month before you get here. When you arrive let me know and we'll try another one.

Check Post #1 for the updates...mark your calendar as appropriate. Get to tying!
OK, so let me be the first to post a conflict :eek: I won't be able to make the scheduled date and time, so was wondering if we could bump it one day back to Friday the 15? Will this work? I would hate to miss out.bawling:

Thanks guys!