Recommendation for Switch blank

I'm looking to build my second rod. First was a Forecast 7/8 spey. Turned out fairly well. Now I'm looking to build a switch rod for the beach and the pink run. I'm thinking around a 6 or 7 wt. Probably will put a scandi head on it, unless somebody has had better performance with another set-up. Not looking to break the bank, but wanted to get some input. Also, I am looking for a moderate to mod-fast action. Thanks!


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I have an older Meiser 8 wt switch rod that Bob made for me that I love. Later I got a Beulah 6wt switch for the salt that is also quite nice. Both are available as affordable blanks.

A few weeks ago I made a switch rod from a rainshadow 8wt blank. I got a chance to cast it last week for the first time and I was REALLY pleased with it. So much so that I drove over to Sequim earlier this week to pick up another 8wt switch blank for my daughter.

FWIW I was casting with a 12wt Windcutter cut back to 400 grains. I think an airflo 420 compact skagit would be a great match.

If I were to do a salt rod today I might try a Rainshadow 6 or 7 switch. Batson has a nice reel seat and cork combo for Switch rods as well.

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Don't forget that you can get some sizes of the TFO Deer Creek (Mike Kinney) switch rod blanks from Bob Meiser. I think All About the Fly, a site sponsor, can get the blanks for you as well.

I own Beulah and Rainshadow switches. They are both good values, but I think the Deer Creeks are as good as any presently available at any pricepoint.