Where am I

Jim, is that the toon you tipped your fatass over in? I remember the story, but not the name of the lake. You used the toon once or twice I think. So that has to be a photow of the sacred lake and toon. Man I can't remember half the shit you told me over the years.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Right, and you are next for a photo. :thumb:

And Matt, I have never flipped a pontoon or a float tube over. I had one that when I sat in it, it sank It was a Togiak. What I have is a Kennebec.

It was at dry falls one year. Right after I got the Togiak. I blew it up and went down to the lake and I sat in it and it sank. Not enough air. So I traded it for a DS2 fly rod and reel. I have since got a Kennebec. But I now blow it up tight so my big ass will float.

But thank's for remembering that little shit.

Used to have a lot at Lake Tyee, lil brother and i would fish Vogler endlessly during the summer! Great little lake, Never had anything sink on me though:)