antelope flies

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
these are some flies i tied with antelope im open for critique, and that is the main reason i posted them. i don't know how the pics will turn out.
the first two are mice, the third is a antelope hair caddis, and i couldn't get a good picture of it but i was wondering what yalls thoughts were on the jugulator patterns? if you know what it is.

Ed Call

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Ain't those little mice cute? You're not gonna cast them onto lilly pads and twitch them across the water for those big bad bass are you? Caddis is a bit blurry but looks caddis like to me.
Nice job tying those patterns Colton.

I'm curious, do you know if antelope hair has a hollow core (better floating), or are
you using it for it's color?

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
Richard, i use the antelope because it is hollow, and for the mice because of its color. on that caddis, it only has one color so that is purely for its floating properties.

Did you harvest the antelope that you made those flys with? They look really good to me, although I am not sure they are going to get the Mickey Mouse aware with realistic ears like that.


colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
i did not get that antelope, i got a big patch of it from our taxidermist when we dropped antlers off. even if they don't notice the ears, i like em' and thats what really matters
Antelope is hollow, floats like crazy but is very brittle compared to deer. I mix antelope into deer hair about 1:3 to get the extra flotation and keep deer hair's toughness. Dubbing loop methods are an extremely easy way to mix hairs, but I generally tie in small bunches so it is easy to cut a small bunch of each and roll them together.

For small hopper patterns and dry muddlers it makes a much better looking fly IMO.