The wind vs. canoe

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Took my canoe up a smaller estuary late yesterday afternoon in spite of the strong (15-25 knot)gusty NW winds. This was the most protected (from wind) spot I know, but the wind was howling up the valley and I had to anchor up to fish. A tree came crashing down along the bank as I fished! No SRC revealed themselves! Only the lowly Peamouth (Mylocheilus caurinus), a small (to 14") sucker, were willing to bite, and they fight for about 15 seconds or so.

Same winds forcast for today, and they are kicking in!

I had intended to go up the Elk River estuary today, launching at the early morning high tide, fishing and exploring all day,(a higher, 3-foot Low tide mid-day) and returning late evening before dark on the high tide. But that place is really exposed to the wind and so I had to postpone those plans. Too bad, since I had studied the tide charts and picked today as the best tides to pull this off. Had this gig planned for weeks. But not in a canoe in this wind! No way!

Now I am concocting alternate plans for later in the week.
Probably hit the Canal for Pinks! Tomorrow, Th, or F.
Current plan is to fish from the beach north of the Hoodsport hatchery scene. Wind should be lighter then, especially early am. This will be a first-time assault on Pinks for me. Could be fun with my 6wt. as that is all I have. Anybody else headed out that way?

Sounds like fun Jaws if the wind calms down a bit. If you've never seen the hatchery circus, you should take a look. Might give you some new thoughts on what this hatchery business is all about.
For me, I've got too long of a list to get done so I can go up North this Sept. I hope you hit something.
Bob, the Pinks Can Be Fun Guy.
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